Spring Fever

Several weeks ago, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at my school. That only meant one thing: photo shoot time! My roommate Seiko and I enjoy “seasonal” roommate shoots (except we’ve only had one in the fall), but the beautiful, pink cherry blossoms were the perfect spring photo shoot backdrop. Below, I shared a few of my favorite shots!

Fall and spring are my favorite seasons here, and this is a huge reason why.

Ok, this one below wasn’t a perfect shot, but a perk of being your own photographer is that you get to try dumb things like sit on a rail and believe that you can still look good. Another time, I wanted to get a photo of us lying on our backs with the camera directed at our face, but misjudged that the sun would shine directly in our eyes. Let’s not even talk about my triple chin. Thanks, Seiko, for going along with my experiments!

We pretty much exhausted all the options by these trees, so we ventured further out. So thankful that we have a pretty campus that makes an easy photo shoot location!

Dear School, if you choose to use this on your admissions brochure next year, I say yes.

Real wedding photographers hovered near us and were like, “are y’all done?” I’m thinking: do you go to school here? No? Then you can wait.

These photos make me feel happy yet a little sad at the same time. Happy for us making it this far together, yet sad that we won’t see each other often after graduation. I’m glad that we squeezed in one final photo shoot! If you’re in St. Louis and would like my services for a portrait photoshoot, please visit my Facebook page and message me for rates and details.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Curious to see photos of my school’s campus at night? Snapshots: Night Visions

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