Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

Since visiting Cherokee Street for the first time, I never would’ve thought that I’d be back for their biggest event of the year – Cinco de Mayo celebration! Thanks to some persuasion from Kara, I ended checking out the festivities last Saturday instead of studying for finals…and I don’t regret that decision one bit. It was lively, crowded, colorful, festive. Come walk through it with me…

Plenty of vendors & food booths were set up along the street. What a feast for the stomach and eyes:

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street souvenirs

In front of another boutique on wheels. It may seem like the coolest thing ever, but it’s actually stuffy and cramped inside. No thanks, I’ll wait out here…

Cotton Candy Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street

Who else wants a cotton candy tower? *raisehands*

Insider’s tip: go with an empty stomach! I already ate a meal before going, so I didn’t pick up any of the delicious looking/smelling Mexican food. Aw well, next time!

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street

Not the greatest photo, but I was drawn to all the colors. COLORS!

I somehow completely missed this building the last time I was here. I wonder what’s the story behind its name?

Cinderella Building Cherokee Street St. Louis

Aaaand my favorite shot of the day:

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street

Ahhh she’s so cute! + the bubbles floating behind her = golden moment. Or maybe I have a thing for kids on mechanical bulls.

The bubbles were generated by this Bubblebus, if you were curious.

Bubblebus Cinco de Mayo St. Louis

How can the Bubblebus run out of bubbles?!

I think the most interesting part in all this was people-watching. I noticed that my street photography finesse has regressed since my time in New York. Once again, I was aware of just how hard/scary it could be to take photos of people! Ah well, I tried.

Cinco de Mayo Pineapples Cherokee Street

Mmmm so many pineapples! Didn’t get a drink, but they sure looked good (you’ll see if you scroll down 2 pics).

Painting Mural Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street St. Louis

Enjoy yourself, man.

Cinco de Mayo Stage Cherokee Street

Wow, I haven’t seen anything like this since New York. Good ‘ol times.

Ha, this was an accidental/trial shot but I ended up liking it. Of all things to stick out in the crowd…

Cinco de Mayo Cherokee Street St. Louis

Happy Cindo de Mayo! Read all about it here if you have no idea what it means. Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out my post about Cherokee Street.


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  1. Wish I was there! Congrats on being freshly pressed! I created a new page last month called Real Life Natural Wife. I hope you’ll check it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts. Have a great weekend!

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