Grand Tour of Europe

Hello friends, I am beyond excited to share that during the month of June, I’ll have the privilege of traveling around western Europe!

The last time I’ve stepped foot in Europe was on a short trip after 8th grade (holy crap, that’s more than 8 years ago!) where I visited Madrid, Toledo, and Paris. This time, I’m beyond excited to visit a few more countries on my 30-day tour.

London, England

london england UK

(Image source)

Time to turn the posh up! Additionally, I will make a trip out to Stonehenge and Oxford.

Paris, France

paris france

(Image source)

Ah, can’t wait to visit dreamy Paris again! This time, also venturing to beautiful Versailles…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam netherlands night

(Image source)

In addition to seeing the city, I’ll also get a glimpse of Amsterdam’s countryside…so I’ll see Dutch villages for real this time (vs. that one time I went to Solvang, CA).

Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt germany

(Image source)

I don’t know what to expect here, so I’m excited to be surprised by this city! Anyone been?

Lucerne Region, Switzerland

lucerne region switzerland

(Image source)

Excited to venture up the Swiss Alps!

Venice Region, Italy

venice region italy

(Image source)

I am so ready for my gondola ride!

Rome, Italy

rome italy

(Image source)

You know what they say, when in Rome…do as the Romans do. Exactly what they’re “doing” beats me.

Florence, Italy

florence italy

(Image source)

It seems that I’ll be spending a significant amount of time in Italy. I cannot complain. So Italian Riviera & Cinque Terre, here I come!

French Riviera

french riviera

(Image source)

Goodness, this almost looks too good to be true.

Provence, France

provence lavender

(Image source)

I could only hope to be so lucky to see the lavenders in bloom while I’m there!

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

(Image source)

Time for a little fiesta & tapas at this point…

Madrid, Spain

madrid spain

(Image source)

And reuniting with Madrid in the end.

Being the type-A person that I am, I love to map out my trips – it gives me a weird sense of satisfaction! 🙂

grand tour europe

Also, I should mention that this tour is arranged by EF College Break. This is not a sponsored post (although it’d be nice if they did in the future, hinthint!). I chose to travel with a tour because A) it’s less hassle – transportation and hotels were booked for me, and B) I would feel safer going in a group. If you’re interested in touring with this company, instantly receive $100 off your trip using this code PEI53M7 when you book! You’re welcome 🙂

Whether you’re a local or not, I’d really like to hear about your personal experiences with any of these cities! Have any of you been any to these places? What were your favorite sights to see and food to eat?

Thanks for reading and offering valuable tips & suggestions! Follow along on the blog if you’d like to “travel” with me!

10 thoughts on “Grand Tour of Europe

  1. Oh my that’s great!! You’ll definitely have lots of fun!! In my blog I have a thing or two about London and a quick guide to Paris. (I can send you specific links but don’t add them here because the comment will be flagged as spam). I won’t bore you with London sightseeing details because the musts are obvious!! I’ll recommend Covent Garden for restaurants and shopping (more calm and pretty than Oxford street). If you do want to posh up, go to Sketch for a drink. It’s off Regent street (you might or might not seen it on Instagram). Also look up for afternoon tea options. A budget friendly option is to go at the Tea Terrace of House of Fraser in Oxford Street. I don’t know about Oxford, but people tell me it’s really pretty. Stonehenge is ok. I was disappointed because it looks smaller in real life. My recommendation would be to hit Brighton if you have time.
    For Paris, I love the St Germain/ Cartier Latin neighborhood for eating. Search for Cafe Mabillon in the area. Also the Fumoir behind the Louvre is nice and not to expensive. The best desserts I had in Paris were in Cafe Beaubourg opposite the Pompidou Center.
    Amsterdam: don’t miss Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum if you are into art. Other than that, walk and explore the canals and streets. There’s a blog here in WordPress, called Amsterdamming. You should check it out.
    I’ve been to Frankfurt years ago but don’t remember much. My mum was there last year. I can ask her for tips and pass them on to you!
    I’ve also been to Lucerne and Venice, but again years ago. Venice is a favorite of mine architecture wise!!
    Rome…ah the Romans do a lot of things. Eating pizza is one (and I love pizza). I have to recommend the following restaurants (hope they’re still operating) Sabatini, Vicolo Santa Maria in Trastevere 18, Rome, Giggeto al Portico d’Ottavia, Via del Portico 21/A, Rome, Ponte e Parione, Via Santa Maria dell’ Anima 62, Rome
    Piazza Navona is your best bet for dining. It has sooo many options. There are also many bars in the streets around the square. This is the quirkiest bar I’ve ever been: Jonathan’t Angels, Via della Fossa 16 Piazza Navona, Rome.
    South of France must visits: Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Saint Paul de Vence, Grasse (the perfume capital), Aix en Provence, Avignon.
    Barcelona: Park Guell, Sagrada Familia. Anything Gaudi actually. Las Ramblas is a very busy street for going out, but not the best in my opinion. Port Olympic is also nice and has many restaurants and stuff like that. El Barri Gothic is really pretty to walk by, as well as the road by the beach that connects the end of Las Ramblas with Port Olympic.
    Madrid: I’ve been there a few hours during a layover, but I can tell you one thing: if you want to shop, go to Calle Fuencaral. Check out Desigual and Custo Barcelona as they are local brands!!
    Have fun!


    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for ALL your recommendations! It seems like you’ve traveled a fair amount in Europe. Also, I’d love to hear about what your mom has to say about Frankfurt, haha! I’ll definitely look into some of the things you listed here. Once again, WOW, thank you!


      • you’re welcome! Well I’m from Greece originally, so I’ve traveled in Europe a lot! Especially London, where I have friends living and Paris. As I told you I have some stuff in my current blog (Aspects of Style), but also in my old one (in the travel diaries section, where you’ll find a complete post about shopping and dining in Rome). I will ask about Frankfurt and report back!


    • That’s wonderful! I feel even more excited to visit Provence now! I just really hope that I’ll be there at a time when the lavender fields are in bloom.


  2. Looks like a fabulous itinerary. Being on a tour usually means you have less flexibility to strike out on your own, but if you are able to get up early, you can catch some rare moments. For example, the sunrise image of the Eiffel Tower in your post was taken at dawn from the Trocadero, a plaza of the Palais de Chaillot on the opposite side of the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. Metro stop: Trocadero. Evenings in Paris are special and since you are going in June, the twilight will be late in the evening perhaps after the scehduled events are finished. That is the time to strike out on your own with your camera. If you are interested in Paris twilight specifics, check my posts between 3-22 June 2014 . Regardless, have a great trip, and don’t miss the La Rambla in Barcelona.


    • Thanks for telling me where that Eiffel Tower pic was taken! I’m going to try to sneak away during dinnertimes to take those twilight photos as you said. I appreciate your good wishes!


  3. When you´re in Barcelona chica, LET ME KNOW! And June is like the best month ever, I will sure be keeping up with your blog and following on with your travels, wishing you the best wherever you go. Too excited for you wherever you go.
    Dropping in to leave my dosage of love and tokens of good vibes
    wishing you the best day, xx
    Dana |


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