Spring Fever

Several weeks ago, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at my school. That only meant one thing: photo shoot time! My roommate Seiko and I enjoy “seasonal” roommate shoots (except we’ve only had one in the fall), but the beautiful, pink cherry blossoms were the perfect spring photo shoot backdrop. Below, I shared a few of my favorite shots!

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Japanese Festival

As some of you may have gathered from my Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue, I attended the annual Japanese festival in the Missouri Botanical Garden this past Saturday, August 31. In fact, I also went last year, but this time I got to experience some new activities and took more photos of people than plants!

Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese festival

Missouri Botanical Gardens entrance

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My 21st Birthday!

A short ‘n sweet post about my birthday! Turned 21 on 21 – woohoo, finally legal baby!

A group of friends and I went to 99 Favor Taste to eat unlimited hotpot (free for the birthday girl :D). However, before dinner my friend Jung ever-so-graciously granted my requests and snapped a few shots of me around Chinatown. Gotta commemorate my youth while it lasts!! #justkidding #notreally


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Gagosian Gallery (Chelsea)

I knew I wanted to check out the Chelsea galleries this summer, and Christy and I were lucky enough to chance upon an opening reception at Gagosian Gallery last Thursday, June 17. The opening was for Nancy Rubins: Our Friend Fluid Metal.

But before I get to the gallery pictures…

I stood outside waiting for Christy to arrive and was watching all the incredibly hipster and fancily dressed people walk in and thinking “omg am I even allowed to go in in what I’m wearing?!” Then this cool-looking couple walked by and I was glad I was awkwardly standing outside because in a very Humans of New York fashion, asked if I could get their photo:

heart sunglasses

Check out those sunglasses! So well paired with all the other red accents. I can only hope to look this cool when I’m her age.

Ok, now on to the actually gallery! 😛

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