Just Kids

Lately, I’ve been super busy with real life (school, extracurriculars, and finding a job…) but I finally finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith a month after I started it. I guess I’m kind of late in the game, because it came out in 2010 and won a whole bunch of awards thereafter. After reading Smith’s memoir of her special relationship with the late artist Robert Mapplethorpe, I can see why this piece won the 2010 National Book Award for Nonfiction. Her writing is simply beautiful. Here are my favorite snippets from various chapters:

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Kina Grannis – Elements Tour

I don’t go to a lot of concerts (living on a college student budget here), but when I saw Kina Grannis was coming to town, I had to go see her! I have two stipulations when attending concerts: 1) I must really, really like the artist and 2) I need to know several songs so at the least, I can sing along to what little lyrics I know. I’ve been listening to Kina Grannis since high school, so I knew her music well enough to enjoy a live concert. After seeing this Youtube star for so long on my computer screen, it was nice to at last, see her in person 🙂

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