Kemper Art Museum (Vault Party)

In all my four years of schooling, I’ve only stepped into the Kemper Art Museum on campus twice. First was when the WǑMEN (我们): CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART exhibit came along two years ago. More recently, several pieces from the museum’s vault were temporarily on display to the public (hence, vault party). Fun fact I learned from my friend Masha: most museums only display 10% of their entire collection. 10%! Doesn’t that make you feel a little cheated? Better look at them while I can…

Kemper Art Museum St. Louis Vault

This was one of two vault pieces that I liked the most. It sure makes a strong statement, huh? I think the best kind of art makes me think or feel differently. As Banksy once said, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” Hence, here’s the other piece that I liked:


Hmm, perhaps I just really like social activist art?

Additionally, the rest of the museum’s permanent collection was also open. Here’s a few that stood out to me:

kemper art museum WUSTL st. louis

Sculpture are always nice.

This time, I challenged myself to pay more attention at details. As a result, I noticed a variety of textures and media among different pieces:

Cuadro No. 82 - Manolo Millares

Cuadro No. 82 – Manolo Millares. Oil on torn burlap.

Metamorfosis (Presencia) - Manuel Rivera

Metamorfosis (Presencia) – Manuel Rivera. Painted wire and mesh.

Cardboard on Wooden Grid

Sun Yat-sen (Sign for Moon) – Thomas Bayrle. Screenprint on cardboard.

Sun Yat-sen (Sign for Moon) - Thomas Bayrle

What the piece above looked like, zoomed out.

Had fun at the “photo booth” with these wonderful humans:

And took photos of friends looking at art:

Actually, this one was kind of staged: “Pratik, go stand in front of that painting!” Making art from art. I like to think I’m so meta.

Kemper Art Museum WUSTL St. Louis

Had to be explained to me that the mirror was part of the art.

Though the Kemper Museum is on the smaller side, I did not come close to seeing everything. I’m the type of person who could spend a whole day in any art museum. So if you’re curious for more, you’ll just have to see it for yourself (bonus: admission is free)!

What are your favorite museums in St. Louis?

P.S. I recently learned that the Kemper family of the Kemper Art Museum is the same one that Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office, Kimmy in Unbreakable) is from! I had no idea she was from STL! So neat!

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