The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Kinky Boots Fox Theatre St. Louis

Last Thursday, I watched what was perhaps my last show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre as this school year is coming to a close: Kinky Boots! The theatre itself is such “an ostentatiously glorious” entertainment venue that I can’t help but feel excited/fancy/giddy/awestruck whenever I step inside. The following series of photos may show why…

The theatre was lavish with Moorish, Far Eastern, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Indian cultural decorations. Originally, the theatre was filled with paintings, sculptures, and furnishings that Fox’s wife gathered from her travels around the world.

Gold Lion St. Louis Fox Theatre

Going up these stairs led people to a fancy dining area (pictured below). VIP only. Some day…

St. Louis Fox Theatre

The sheer number of details that went into this building was mind-boggling. It seemed like every inch of the building was decorated.

Gargoyle Fox Theatre St. Louis

“I’ve been working here for 15 years and just discovered this gargoyle today,” said one Fox worker. Ha, now good luck finding it.

Fox Theatre St. Louis Wall Decoration Detail

The place was fancy even down to the ladies’ room. Was it weird that I took photos in a bathroom? Probably. But I did all this for you, wonderful readers!

Ladies Powder Room St. Louis Fox Theatre

Kinky Boots Fox Theatre St. Louis

Flowers Powder Room Fox Theatre St. Louis

There were old-fashioned phone/calling booths down there as well, but my fixed lens couldn’t capture its entirety. But it was cool seeing this feature that dated the theatre to its opening in 1929. Of course the phones are now gone, but if you ever needed to make a phone call on your own device, there ya go.

Now time to enter the auditorium itself…

Fox Theatre St. Louis Auditorium Ceiling

Kinky Boots Fox Theatre St. Louis

#tbt to sophomore year when we saw Book of Mormon together around this time!

Fox Theatre St. Louis

Fox Theatre St. Louis

The crowning glory, though, was a 5280 pound chandelier hanging from the dome – 12 feet in diameter and glittering with 2264 pieces of jeweled glass. Because of where we sat this time, we couldn’t see it. BUT I took photos 2 years ago (always be ready!), and we had the perfect view of the chandelier then:

Fox Theatre St. Louis Chandelier

Fox Theatre St. Louis Chandelier

The Fox is definitely one of my favorite buildings in St. Louis. Its beauty and opulent atmosphere always make me feel excited to watch the show, and more honestly, like I’m in the opera house of Phantom of the Opera. A girl could always pretend, right? Kinky Boots was a great last show to watch at the Fox. I went in having no idea what it was about, but was so impressed by the storyline and catchy songs! You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

What are your favorite musicals or shows?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you like to watch shows as much as I do: When in NYC, Watch a Broadway Show

9 thoughts on “The Fabulous Fox Theatre

  1. That theater is so pretty! My friend just saw Kinky Boots recently and loved it… I still need to go see it!


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