Snapshots: Blueberry Hill

I planned to document my first time dining at St. Louis’s famous Blueberry Hill restaurant last weekend. But once I got there, I thought, forget that. I’m just going to “live in the moment” and enjoy my gigantic breakfast burger and play darts with my friends :D. So I didn’t take as many photos as I planned to for a full restaurant post, but here’s a few snaps that bring back good memories:

Blueberry Hill Darts St. Louis

We luckily snagged an open dart board after dinner. Bull’s eye!!

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London Tea Room

Pinkies up, y’all. Cause it’s time for afternoon tea at London Tea Room! This past weekend, I experienced this tradition for the first time with a couple of close buddies. I was excited out of my mind to try it and took plenty of photos to remember this unique experience.

London Tea Room St. Louis

Tea is the Finest Solution - London Tea Room St. Louis

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