About the blog:

This blog was born the summer of 2014 when I lived and worked in New York City. I wanted to document and share photographs of all my exciting adventures in the Big Apple! Since then, my passion for travel, photography, and writing have continued to thrive in this personal blog where I share points of interest in my current city and in my travels.

About JPei:

They call me JPei (pronounced “Jay-Pay”).

I’m currently a 4th-year university student in St. Louis. When I’m not studying (which may be 10% of my time), you might catch me exploring & taking pictures of new museums, parks, gardens, shops, eateries, and abandoned buildings. I also relax by editing said pictures, hanging (okay, eating) with friends, and chilling with a good book or movie. If you’re dying to know even more about me, check out this post where I list 11 random facts about myself and answer another 11 questions.

Click on any photo below to read about an adventure!

35 thoughts on “About

  1. It is nice that you follow my blog – so I have a chance to see yours! A four year student in St. Louis? I graduated at Washington University, but I only stayed for what was one of my most exciting years in my student life. I’ll be back, trying to figure what’s new in STL.


  2. Jay Pay 🙂 your blog is very interesting!! I have never been in NY but, thanks to you, I felt like there 🙂 still, I would love to go there one day, NY is a must stop for travellers and I plan to be ahah
    wish you all the best


  3. Hi, JPey, thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me find yours. It has been nice reading your blog about your adventure. The design is very pleasant, too. All the best for your studies and photography! Looking forward to reading more of your adventure. =)


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