It’s Friday, Friday [#1]

I’m an avid reader of A Cup of Jo, and if you are too, you could probably tell I was inspired to do these “weekend” posts!

Are you ready for the weekend? I’m looking forward to going to Garden Glow in the Missouri Botannical Gardens.

“Garden Glow features more than a half million lights surrounding visitors with a spectacle of unique installations amid some of the Garden’s most iconic locations.” (Source)

Heck yeah! I’m excited to go check it out and of course, share pics on the blog after! What are you up this weekend?

Interesting reads from the interwebs this week:

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Have a good one,


Last of Fall: Polaroids and Photos in Forest Park

The other day I took a walk in Forest Park and hoped to get some nice, Polaroid instant photos. However, upon my first click, the film got stuck inside the camera, so I had to take out the entire film pack to fix it. In the process, I exposed a sheet or two to light…and those definitely got ruined. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to use my instant camera anymore, so I switched over to digital (always so dependable, except for the times when I forget to put in the battery). But in the middle of my shoot, I pulled out the first stuck photo and found to my delight that it developed!

Always one to model for me.

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