Signs of Spring

I think I am enamored by spring in the Midwest. While every one moans and groans about how much our school spends on landscaping each year, there’s no denying that they do a spankin’ job of beautifying campus. Since the flowers have bloomed and the tulips have been planted, I thought it would be a great time to break out my gigantic macro lens! I got it a while ago, but really haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. Here are some results of my attempts:

Bunch of Pink Flowers Macro Nature Photography

Daffodil Macro Flower Nature Photography

Have you ever seen the inside of a daffodil before?

Small Purple Flowers Macro Photography

Green Leaf Sprout Macro Nature Photography

Baby greens

Small White Flowers Macro Photography

Pink Red Flower Macro Photography

Here are the red ladies!

Red Tulip Macro Flower Photography

They look so wonderful together:

Pink Flower Insect Macro Photography

Ack, a little blurry but I was excited to share this capture! Didn’t even realize the little guy on the flower at first. Bugs move waaay too fast.

WUSTL Graham Chapel in Spring

Pink Flowers on Trees Macro Photography

White and Pink Flowers Macro Photography

Those white flowers actually look more stunning from afar, on my favorite tree:

Pink Star Flowers Macro Nature Photography

While taking pics of the pink flowers above, I did not notice the swarms of bees buzzing around until much later (is that bad?). After noticing them, the chase was on! They were nearly impossible to shoot – they’d land for a second then move on to another flower. By the time I got the focus just right, they’d fly off again! However, it was really neat observing them, especially when they unfurl their hind legs to pollinate.

Bee Pollinating Pink Flower Macro Photography

In the end, I concluded that macro photography is not as easy as it looks. After being used to taking landscape shots (like these), I found that composing on a micro scale to be very challenging. So I give mad props to people who can pull off amazing stuff like this:

drops of spring

Have you ever tried macro photography? Have any tips and personal approaches to the art?

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. That waterdrop photo—- Bloooooody welll done! LOVING IT, I love extreme close-ups, hopefully buy myself a macro lens very soon.
    These are wonderful photos
    well done chica


  2. Wonderful work with your macro lens! Love how you even captured the fuzziness of the flower stems with it. Bringing plants close to the eye! My favourite shot has to be the one of the building and the pink flowers in front of it. So pretty, and I hope it wasn’t hard to focus on the foreground. Sometimes I have trouble with that.

    Happy spring! Enjoy the warm weather!


    • Thank you! That shot of the chapel with flowers in front was a total experiment – I wondered how it’d turn out if I tried it 😉 I will soak up all the nice, warm weather while I can – but it’s getting colder for you in Australia, isn’t it?


      • I usually find it hard to focus on the background. Need more practice at that! It’s the middle of autumn here in Australia. After that, it will be winter…sadly. But after that, spring!


        • Oh yeah, I used manual focus in this case. That’s so interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever been to the southern hemisphere and experienced “flipped” seasons. Enjoy the nicer weather while it lasts!

          Liked by 1 person

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