Cherokee Street

St. Louis Cherokee Street Indian statue sign

Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to explore another one of St. Louis’s neighborhoods, Cherokee Street. It’s mostly known for its superb Mexican food (which was true – Taquiera El Bronco‘s tacos were just as good as the ones back home in Texas), but the street also had a ton of neat boutiques and antique stores.

The place had such character, which you can immediately see in the photos below:

The Oliver Herb Garden Cherokee Street St. Louis

Who would’ve thought to grow an herb garden on the side of the building?

Cherokee Street St. Louis Building Graffiti Art

Cherokee Street St. Louis Wall grafitti

Photocred: Taylor

Building Art Cherokee Street St. Louis

I was very drawn to all the wall art, but especially this one since I like all-things octopi!

We walked into a “sustainable” bakery called Whisk. While they make a mean brownie, holy cow, I now know what I want the inside of my home to look (and smell) like!

Whisk Bakery Cherokee Street St. Louis

And then there were the more quirky places:

Private Yard St. Louis City Kitties Cherokee Street

I have no idea who/what the St. Louis city kitties are. But no matter, they marked their territory well.

Then, we came across The Heirloom Room that provided more interior decoration inspiration:

St. Louis Cherokee Street Antique Store

Love that globe lamp!

The Heirloom Room St. Louis Cards

The Heirloom Room Vegan Soap St. Louis Cherokee Street

I’m not a big fan of candles, but I could always use a bit of nice-smelling soap…

Buildings Cherokee Street Jasper's St. Louis

The antiquing continued (I had no idea that my guy friends could like antique stores so much??):

The Purple Cow Antique Store St. Louis Cherokee Street

For whatever reason, this “backyard” of junk really appealed to me.

The Purple Cow Antique Store St. Louis Cherokee Street

Phrenology Sign The Purple Cow Antique Store St. Louis Cherokee Street

The Purple Cow Antique Store St. Louis Cherokee Street

Magazines and campaign stickers from the 70’s! Better start collecting now so that I can sell them for a profit 30 years later…

Records are all but obsolete nowadays, but it was still fun to flip through and admire record art at Dead Wax Records:

Dead Wax Records Store Cherokee Street St. Louis

Dead Wax Records Store Cherokee Street St. Louis

One final peek into a cozy little book store, Hammond’s Books:

Hammond's Books Cherokee Street St. Louis

Hammond's Books Cherokee Street St. Louis

I am reminded once again of how interesting St. Louis neighborhoods are. They’re filled with history and cool little nooks that are waiting to be found (by me!). From all the pictures, it might seem like I saw all of Cherokee Street. But I didn’t even come close! There’s still many art galleries, restaurants, and stores along here that I’d like to come back to visit. I used to think that there wasn’t much to do in St. Louis; how wrong I was! You only have to take a look through my St. Louis blog posts to see what a vibrant city it is.

Cherokee Street St. Louis

Have you been to Cherokee Street? What stores and restaurants should I visit next time?

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Cherokee Street

  1. Great pics! As a Cherokee Street resident, I can’t say enough wonderful things about our neighborhood. For a little bar hopping (park and walk), I go to ArtBar, Earthbound Brewing, Whiskey Ring, Fortune Teller, and FOAM. For non-Mexican food, Yaquis wood-fire pizza, Athlete Eats, Melt, or Fortune Teller are always good. Mud House is a favorite breakfast spot along with Melt.


  2. You mentioned that you don’t know who/what the St. Louis City Kitties are. This is the home and courtyard of the founding feral St. Louis City Kitties and their slave (also the founder of the not-for-profit.) The group’s website is here – and their facebook page is here – They bring hope and joy, love and support to kitties and their people in the City. It’s a phenomenal group of people. Please take out some time to read their story – you’ll be laughing and crying and amazed all at the same time. ❤


  3. Glad you had a blast in our one of the greatest urban streets in America! Makes sure you visit STyLehouse at the corner of Cherokee & Compton next time- we are the premiere emporium of authentic St. Louis-centric apparel and merchandise. Check out our website for a taste (, but visiting our retail store is a true St. Louis experience. And while you’re on our end of Cherokee, make sure to pop into the great galleries, bars, restaurants and shops: Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts/Beverly, CAMP, Tower Taco, Junk Junkie, Tenth Life Cats, Livery Company and Velvet Elvis.


  4. My son lives at the corner of Missouri ave. and Cherokee. Every time I come to visit from Boston, I love to walk up and down Cherokee. You must stop and experience every store. You never know what you will find. Retro, very old, modern, funky….vintage Frye boots….art deco…50’s fashion…good food. take the time- it may take several visits to take it all in. talk to the locals.


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