When in NYC, Watch a Broadway Show

In the course my 3-month stay in New York City, I watched three Broadway shows. I’m kind of proud of that record, since I went in with the goal of watching only one (“You have to watch a Broadway play in New York!” they all said). Below, I’ll share my honest opinions on each of the three:

Jersey Boys

This was the first Broadway play that I watched. My friends and I camped outside the box office early in the morning so that we could buy subsidized student tickets. In all, I think I only paid $25 for seats that were close to the front (but far on the side, directly in front of the speakers).

Jersey Boys Broadway New York seats stage

My point of view.

You really get what you pay for – the show was in a smaller theater and though nice, I just couldn’t connect to the characters or the story. Perhaps I’m too young for this?! Older audience members were singing and bopping along to the songs (that I didn’t know). However, friends who were a few years older than me watched the show and highly recommended it, so don’t worry – you can enjoy Jersey Boys even if you’re in your 20’s.

Phantom of the Opera

My best friend Christina came to visit me in NYC from Texas, so we thought it very necessary to watch a Broadway show to complete her New York experience. Both of us were Phantom of the Opera movie buffs, so we bought last-minute $50 tickets (like, 2 days before the show) that sat us in the very. Last. Row. Mind you, this was a much bigger theater than Jersey Boys, so the actors were tiny specks in the distance!

Phantom of the Opera Broadway Playbill in Majestic Theatre New York City

I enjoyed this musical more; knowing the songs probably had a lot to do with it. However, it was an evening show after Christina and I spent the entire day walking around New York. Both of us were tired, and at one point I remembered resting my eyes for a few minutes…

Lesson learned: watch matinee shows.

Lion King

This was by far my favorite show out of the three. Everything about it was spectacular – the story (duh), singing, dancing, and COSTUMES! Everything came together so well. I thought that the costumes cleverly mimicked the movement of all the animals; I seriously got chills during the Circle of Life dance number (see picture above)! The cute and talented kids who played Simba and Nala stole the show. What was I doing with my life at their age?!

The Lion King Broadway Playbill in Minskoff Theatre New York City

The Lion King Stage in Broadway New York

The Lion King was high-energy, lots of fun, and visually appealing. Of course, all this came with a steep price – my seats were in the middle upper balcony and I paid $100+ even after my friend’s Disney employee discount (thanks Chris!!). But was it worth it? Absolutely. I’d totally watch it again given the chance!

The Lion King Minskoff Theatre

I hope this helped you decide on a Broadway show! But if you need a little more help, I found this flow chart while writing this post to be really amusing/helpful:

Which Broadway shows have you seen? Which ones would you recommend?

Thanks for reading!



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