London Tea Room

Pinkies up, y’all. Cause it’s time for afternoon tea at London Tea Room! This past weekend, I experienced this tradition for the first time with a couple of close buddies. I was excited out of my mind to try it and took plenty of photos to remember this unique experience.

London Tea Room St. Louis

Tea is the Finest Solution - London Tea Room St. Louis

We were taken into a special room for Afternoon Tea. The decor was super fancy, classy, and well, British. Each table had unique tea sets!

Afternoon Tea Set - London Tea Room St. Louis

Tea Cups - London Tea Room St. Louis

The tea cups at our table.

We all ordered a pot of different tea – mine was mango pear. Unfortunately, my tea-tasting ability was too basic. So I couldn’t really taste the hints of mango or pear…to me, all tea tastes the same! It doesn’t matter if you give me a cheap Lipton tea bag or expensive Chinese tea leaves – I can’t tell the quality. I can just see my tea aficionado dad shaking his head right now. But, I could at least smell the differences: mango in mine, and rose in Christina’s white rose mint.

Pouring Tea at London Tea Room St. Louis

Pinky up! (PC: Christina)

Apparently afternoon tea was supposed to be a very slow, chill time. It was largely a social event for the UK upper class (I guess they had nothing else better to do at 4 pm?). So, we spent a considerable amount of time chatting and drinking tea before the food was brought out. But once it arrived, we went ham (after I took my pictures, of course :D).

Afternoon Tea Food - London Tea Room St. Louis

PC: Christina

Pastries Dessert London Tea Room St. Louis

Nothin’ but sweets!

Scones London Tea Room St. Louis

Everything was delicious, and the tea surprisingly filling – thanks to unlimited refills. My favorite food may have been the cucumber and salmon sandwiches (maybe because they were the first things I ate when I was hungry) and the tea-flavored macaroons.

Teapots London Tea Room St. Louis

London Tea Room St. Louis

There was a tea named after these two!

This may have been one of the girliest things I’ve ever done – and it was fun sipping tea and pretending to be fancy! Most of all, I was happy to spend time with my girl friends. It’ll be times like these that I remember the most after college. Now, back to studying… 😛

Have you ever had afternoon tea? Where, and what did you think?

Thanks for reading!

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