Snapshots: Blueberry Hill

I planned to document my first time dining at St. Louis’s famous Blueberry Hill restaurant last weekend. But once I got there, I thought, forget that. I’m just going to “live in the moment” and enjoy my gigantic breakfast burger and play darts with my friends :D. So I didn’t take as many photos as I planned to for a full restaurant post, but here’s a few snaps that bring back good memories:

Blueberry Hill Darts St. Louis

We luckily snagged an open dart board after dinner. Bull’s eye!!

Blueberry Hill St. Louis

Photo Wall Blueberry Hill St. Louis

The owner of this place has met everybody who’s anybody.

Wagyu Burger Blueberry Hill St. Louis

My 8 oz. burger + egg + bacon + cheese in ALL ITS GLORY. Those tots were also perfectly made. #nofoodregrets

If you’re ever craving American/diner food, this is a good place to try. Or just drinks and darts with people (ahem, something I’d wanna do again in the future).

Do you have famous restaurants in your town?

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Snapshots: Blueberry Hill

  1. This looks like a very cosy American diner. You make your meal looks so good! Awww, it came with a happy face, that is so nice of the staff 🙂 Are those some pickles right in the middle? Don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it all, what a big portion 😀


    • It was very colorful and laid-back. Although I made the happy face myself…lol. Yep, those are pickles, and yes, that’s a standard American portion size! Not sure how I’m gonna cope in Europe this summer…

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  2. This is so cool! Blueberry Hill was the hangout of all the studens of German when I studied there in the nineties. Chuck Berry was there once, listening to a blues session until the bandleader spotted him and made him play “Roll over Beethoven” (which was, frankly, awful). I was there so often they didn’t ID me anymore after a while. Thanks for the memories!


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