LA’s Little Tokyo

little tokyo los angeles california

Right next to the LA Arts District was the Little Tokyo neighborhood. It was convenient how close everything was in downtown LA! As a result, eating good sushi for lunch (our last meal in California!) was a must.

Sushi in Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

These things were gigantic and filling! Best sushi deal ever!

After lunch, we had a bit of time to explore Little Tokyo. It was very small – practically a town square – so we finished looking around rather quickly. There were gift shops selling the cutest Japanese things (like bento boxes in the shapes of houses, which I ended up impule-buying), clothing stores, bakeries, and restaurants.

Little Tokyo Bakery in Los Angeles California

Hello Kitty Store Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

Definitely peeked in that Hello Kitty store!

T-shirt Store Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

T-shirts, sold/packaged as records.

Before leaving – one final treat at Ice Cream Lab. To be honest, I only wanted to go in here because it looked cool. Image matters, people!

Ice Cream Lab Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

I had blue velvet ice cream, which was a blue velvet cupcake churned with other ingredients to form ice cream. How was it made? Using liquid nitrogen of course!

Ice Cream Lab Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

I’ve been to a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor in St. Louis as well. The one in St. Louis had more flavors, so in opinion it was better, but I noticed that all ice cream chilled by liquid nitrogen have a similar creamy consistency.

Blue Velvet Ice Cream Lab Little Tokyo Los Angeles California

Blue velvet ice cream

Mmmmm 🙂

And that concludes our California road trip. I’m so proud of us for making it there and back again alive, haha! I felt like such an adult planning and traveling with just my friends. It was definitely a beautiful, epic senior year road trip. I’d recommend the Highway 1 route to everyone and would do it again in a heartbeat if given the chance.

Have you ever been to California? Where were your favorite vacations?

Thanks for reading! This post may also be found on A Compass Rose.

P.S. Thanks Jiwon and Lisa for taking pics of me throughout the trip! Y’all helped make this trip a memorable one!


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