It’s Friday, Friday [#13]

Got any plans for this Valentines weekend? My girls and I fully intend to celebrate Galentines Day:

(Haha, you go Leslie.)

Then go watch my school’s Vagina Monologues play. I’ve never been, so I’m curious to take this last chance to go…(as weird as it sounds, it’s actually part of an international movement dedicated to ending violence against women and girls around the world).

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Have a good one!

It’s Friday, Friday [#11]

Hi! This weekend I’m watching the Lunar New Year Festival (LNYF) show that students from my school have worked hard for months to put on. I took a bunch of photos of the show last year that can be found on my Facebook page. This year, I intend to leave the camera at home and to sit back, relax, and simply watch the show. But I challenged myself to try some night photography last weekend watching the LNYF fireworks (promo event for the show) – check ’em out!

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Have a good one!

It’s Friday, Friday [#9]

First week of my last semester, done! Classes are hard (as expected) but I’m taking some fun ones this semester (like web development and jazz/hip-hop). But I’ll still look forward to my weekend, and I am excited to go to a glass-blowing demonstration with my crew tonight. Hopefully I’ll get to make something of my own!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Have a good one.

It’s Friday, Friday [#8]

winter frozen fountain water

In honor of the Artic blast that hit across the states. (Source)

This weekend marks the end of my winter break. I go back to school on Sunday! Before that, though, I’ll spend my last day of freedom exploring the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. It’s supposed to be really hip and cool. Anybody been there?

Around this time, I get a feeling of excitement and dread every year; exciting because I get to see my friends again, dreadful because of the impossible school work. Well, only one more semester of this madness – I’ll try to make it a good one!

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What are you up to this weekend?