Feelin’ the So-Cal Vibes in Sunny Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara California travel explore

After days of cold winds and fog (clearly seen in this post), I finally felt the warmth and plentiful sunshine that I went to California for. In Santa Barbara, we felt what true So-Cal weather was like. “We only have 3 seasons here – spring, summer, and fall,” mentioned our hotel receptionist. Living here must be like living in paradise (earthquakes aside)! Due to the beautiful weather, we didn’t stay indoors for long and spent the afternoon out and about wandering Santa Barbara’s main street.

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Our Roadside Pit Stops Along Highway 1

One of the advantages of driving from north to south along Highway 1 was that there were numerous pit stops for visitors to pull over and take a break (not so much if you’re coming from the other direction). If it were up to me, I would have pulled over on every single one to take photos because all the views were amazing! But for the sake of my friends’ sanities, I limited my requests. There were still plenty of photo ops, which I realized when putting together this compilation. Be prepared for many photos from various pit stops along our Highway 1 road trip!

Coming out of Garrapata State Park:

California Highway 1

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