NYC Food Adventures

new york nyc food adventures restaurants

I’m not a foodie. Really, I’m not. When I travel somewhere, I’d rather sight-see than eat at famous restaurants. However, while spending my time in New York it was impossible to not try new food places! May your eyes feast on this smorgasbord of delectable dishes that I remembered/wasn’t too lazy to take photos of:

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Up in the Air

You can count on a bunch of new, nostalgic posts about New York this week as I wrap up and reflect on my time there before I start a new (and final!) school year. This post is here to satisfy Ruth, who asked me if I was going to put this experience in my blog. Well of course! She introduced me to a whole new perspective on New York – 100 feet up in the air. But I also liked the photos from that night, so this is sort of my chance to brag as well 😀

All these pictures were taken in the Financial District. Below, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge spanning the East River.

new york night photography roof

I was graced with this breathtaking view around twilight.

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Canoeing in Central Park

It feels really weird writing this post because I’m sitting at home in Texas recounting the time I went canoeing in Central Park with Tracy and Cal but it seems like it was ages ago. Except our trip was only last Sunday, but I arrived home from New York this morning so it feels like I’m in an alternate reality right now.

Tracy came to visit NYC from Boston after a summer of taking difficult organic chemistry classes. So, she came to spend a relaxing weekend in the city…only to find out that she’ll be rowing us two upperclassmen around Central Park lake for an hour. We love you Tracy! 😛

boathouse central park

The boathouse

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