A Sunny Afternoon in San Francisco

After a morning wandering the piers, our afternoon in SF was spent mostly in Ghirardelli Square and walking around Lombard street. It was a day filled with a lot of sunshine and color (two of my favorite things), as you may see…

In Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli square chocolate San Francisco


I didn’t get the ice cream, but Lisa did. That look on her face is sheer joy, I believe.

Yes!! Sand! Beach!

I’m not sure what’s that island in the distance in the photo below. My guess was Alcatraz, but Lisa and Jiwon didn’t think so – does anyone know?

San Francisco Bay yellow flowers

We were unknowingly walking towards the Golden Gate bridge.

Seagull San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

There’s the Golden Gate Bridge in the back! (You could probably tell if you’ve read my last post that I have a tendency to photograph seagulls. *shrugs*)

California girls :O

And now we began the steep ascent to Lombard Street, San Francisco’s famous zig-zag street.

Colorful Houses San Francisco

Still climbing! Workout for our thighs and calves!

Standing in the middle of the zig-zag street.

Lombard Street San Francisco

Looking up Lombard Street

San Francisco Colorful Houses

Finally, we ended the night with some fresh sushi at Ryoko’s:

Ryoko Sushi San Francisco

It’s always good to end with food, right? Where are your favorite places to eat in San Francisco?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Down by the Bay: Wandering San Francisco’s Piers

8 thoughts on “A Sunny Afternoon in San Francisco

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  2. What a massive Ghiradelli shop, oh my. Stacks and stacks of it. If I ever visit that place I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave without taking half the shop with me 😀 Love how you ended the girls day out with some sushi, yummy!


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