Down By the Bay: Wandering San Francisco’s Piers

San Francisco Bay Pier 39

Before this Cali trip, I asked multiple people from the bay area, “what should I do in San Francisco?!” One friend advised me to just walk along the piers – and that’s exactly what we did – starting from Pier 1! Walking by the piers felt like walking in a completely different city; its landscape looked vastly different from the high rises and huge shops only a few blocks over.

Boats in San Francisco Pier 1

San Francisco Piers

I found that sign on the right to be pretty amusing :O

You can tell we’re near the Exploratorium science museum when you see a car made of skateboards explaining the physics of a ollie.

And a cute little plant house:

Over all, this place looked so scenic. A gentle breeze, sunny weather, 70 degrees, and fresh air. Is this what paradise is like?

Boats on San Francisco Bay

Seagull San Francisco Bay

“You look like the proud owner of a new yacht” – Lisa

At last, we made it to the famous Pier 39!

I’ve been to Pier 39 a couple of years ago, and it felt a little nostalgic going back. But because my memory sucks (and I have no idea what happened to those photos I took back then), going through the pier felt like a new experience all over again.

It appears they felt that way too!

San Francisco Pier 39 Carousel

Well, everything but the sea lions. Seeing the sea lions just chillin’ in the midst of so much noise & chaos made a lasting impression on me, so I was excited to see them again:

Sea Lions Pier 39 San Francisco

Last time, all of these floats were filled with sea lions. Not sure why there were so few this time…I swear it’s the climate change.

After the piers, we made our way inward to Fisherman’s Wharf for the best time of the day: lunchtime.

Fisherman's Grotto San Francisco

Codmother Fish & Chips San Francisco

Here’s where we had lunch. You’re welcome for the free promotion, Codmother.

Codmother Fish & Chips San Francisco

Fish fried in super light, crunchy batter…hmmm I’m hungry just thinking about it again!

And that was only our morning! Stay tuned for more San Francisco adventures in the next post. 😉

What are you favorite things to do in San Francisco?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. An afternoon in San Francisco: My Oh My What a Wonderful Day

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