Baby, You’re a Firework

Not every college student can say that their school allows student groups to launch fireworks. But I can, and have, watched the Lunar New Year celebration fireworks for the past three years. This year was no exception. Except there was, because I finally got a tripod which meant that I could experiment with long exposure firework photography! The results are shown below.

LNYF Fireworks

It was difficult to get the right aperture, shutter speed, composition etc. so the majority of my shots turned out to be duds. A few of them, though, created some preeeetty cool shapes:

LNYF Fireworks

This one looks a bit like star trails. I’d also like to try photographing those one day…

I liked how this next one turned out unexpectedly pretty. The fireworks were little “pops” here and there (not full blooms like in the first photo). In the end, this effect reminded me of stardust.

LNYF Fireworks

LNYF Fireworks

LNYF Fireworks

Doesn’t this one look like a neon palm tree?!

LNYF Fireworks

LNYF Fireworks

Goin’ crazy!!

The finale fireworks were shot from the ground. I didn’t get great pics of them, but I thought their general shapes (especially the last photo) looked pretty neat.

LNYF Fireworks

LNYF Fireworks

Fan out

I think it’s really special how we get the opportunity to see fireworks and stand this close to them at school. This’ll probaby be the last time I get to see fireworks on campus (legally), but at least I got pictures to remember them by!

Do you have any tips for fireworks photography?

Thanks for reading!


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