Bishop Arts District

After living in Dallas for 13+ years, I’m sad to say that I really haven’t explored much of it. Now, I’m trying to remedy that whenever I’m in town. Luckily, I have some great friends who were willing to explore new places with me, so we checked Bishop Arts District off our bucketlist last Saturday.

Bishop Arts District Dallas

If you had ever been in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, you would understand how this place felt. The district had a bit of the hipster vibe going on, but with one big difference – everything was infused with Texas. From the stores to the food, you can feel the Texan culture all around. Yep, I’m back alright.

Dirt Bishop Arts District

A little flower/plant shop called Dirt. I loved everything in it!

Grabbed a photo outside of Eno’s.

Rainwater Collection

Is this drinkable?

Like any group of girls, we started the day off with our favorite meal, brunch. Christina successfully Yelped a restaurant called Hattie’s that we tried for the first time. Good food, but small portions. The struggle of eating at nice restaurants.

Hattie's Crab Cake Salad

This was their crab cake salad. Delicious crab, barely any salad, lol.

The great thing about this neighborhood is that you can walk off your brunch by window shopping afterwards!

Bishop Arts District Dallas Stores Candles

I saw so many candles. Practically every store we walked into sold candles.

Angry Spoons

Spoons with ‘tude.

Metal Animal Sculptures

In an art gallery that allowed “selfies only.”

Bishop Arts District Stores

See, I think those are candles.

This is how we do…

Empty Bottles Vintage Shop

Colorful Shop Bishop Arts District Dallas

Don’t start thinking all the shops were as colorful and cute as the one above, though. There was one art store that sold “handcrafted” (creepy) screaming baby heads attached to insect bodies with an “adopt me!” sign next to them. You may imagine why I chose to not take a commemorative photo. And there’s a reason why they’re still orphans.

My favorite part about this neighborhood were the colorful murals painted on the storesides. You just don’t see that in boring old suburbia!

As you can see, I got some goodies at Shop Strut.

I’d like to think we were time travelers.

Po’ little tree stump

A big thanks to April & Christina for taking photos of me. 🙂

Have you ever been to Bishop Arts District? What are other cool Dallas neighborhoods to explore?

Thanks for reading!

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