Snapshots: Texas Road Trip Round-up

Thought I was done blogging about my Texas road trip to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, did you? Not yet…here’s a final round-up of photos that didn’t quite fit in any of the posts (listed at the end) but I liked enough to share:

Welcome to Austin Texas

Welcome to Austin!

On the way up to HOPE Outdoor Gallery:

Stop War

Concrete Giraffe Statues

At the gallery itself:

Trash HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Fallen Gate HOPE Outdoor Gallery

While at Sea World:

Sea World Christmas Mariachi Band

Where else would you see a Christmas mariachi band but in Texas?

Recycled Trash Art Shark Sea World

All parts of this sculpture were made out of trash in the ocean. Properly recycle, people!

For whatever reason, the Coca Cola bear represented at Sea World.

Puffin Birds Sea World

Yes, there were puffins next to the penguin exhibit. But because they weren’t as cute, I didn’t take enough pictures to include in my Sea World Animal Encounters post. Sorry!

Reindeer Sea World

YES reindeer are real! Why one was in Sea World San Antonio beats me.

A neon city in the Houston Museum of Natural Science:

Neon City

Diplocaulus Dinosaur Houston Museum Natural Science

A diplocaulus!

Giant Squid Houston Museum Natural Science

One of my favorite ocean animals – giant squidddd

Foucault Pendulum

Foucault pendulum demonstrates the Earth’s rotation. Very interesting device – read more here.

Still can’t get enough? Here’s a comprehensive list of all the destinations I blogged about on my Texas road trip:


San Antonio


Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Snapshots: Texas Road Trip Round-up

  1. What a collection of photos and looks like you went places on you road trip. I love the photo of you and the Coca-Cola polar bears. The bears look sooooo adorable! You look so tiny there 😀


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