Houston, Do You Copy?

Space Center Houston was my brother’s jam. This may have been one of the only voluntary pictures that he wanted to take on the entire trip:


“OO get a picture of me in front of the space shuttle!”

I remember it being really huge and fun when I came here years ago, but when I stepped in, I thought, “this is it?!” Once again, my theory of relativity proved right: everything was bigger when I was a little kid. The museum and its play center was much smaller than I remembered!

Space Center Houston Texas

The museum was still cool to walk through though, because this time I actually knew what I was looking at!

astronaut suit boots gear space center houston

Check out those moon boots!! I remember watching an episode of Arthur where his friend Buster had ’em and I really wanted a pair afterwards.

astronaut omega watch space center houston

I guess you could say I was into astronaut gear. Right: Omega watch that withstood crazy temperatures and worked on the moon.

Mars Rover Space Center Houston

Mars rover


You’re not alone, Bruno Mars. I talk to the moon too.

Meanwhile, inside the space shuttle:

Neat! We got to walk inside the space shuttle and take a look in its cockpit.

What I’d look like on each planet. Jupiter’s definitely a winner.

We watched a nice little movie about astronaut life in space then toured the accompanying gallery. We got to go inside this…whatever it’s called – what astronauts lived in space? Despite the tiny pictures, the capsule was a pretty good size in real life. However, I can understand what a squeeze it would’ve been after living in there with the same 6 people for a couple of years.

Notice their “waste management compartment” aka toilet. I also learned that their urine and sweat were filtered and recycled back into drinking water. Yum!

Floating Astronaut NASA Houston Space Center

After seeing the museum (which was not all that big), we stood in line for 2 hours to take a tram tour around the NASA grounds, which was built like a college campus to foster a learning environment.

NASA Space Center Houston Saturn V

NASA Space Center Houston Liquid Nitrogen

However, the coolest part of the tram tour was seeing the astronauts’ training center.

NASA Space Center Houston Astronaut Training Center

Robonaut Houston Space Center


A stop in rocket park.

Finally, we looked at the rocket inside the Saturn V building. Man was it huge.

rocket nasa houston space center

Front, middle, back.

Here’s my brother’s head next to a rocket booster for comparison:

Like I said, it was huge.

Apollo Missions NASA Space Center Houston

All the Apollo missions lined up.

So there ya go, Space Center Houston. If you ever visit, I highly recommend going on a tram tour. Yes, it’s a super long wait. But it really added to the trip and was my favorite part. Seeing the astronauts’ training center in person versus watching it on screen felt completely different. Even better, there were two different tours, so if I ever come back, I’m going on the other one. 🙂

NASA Space Center Houston

Have you ever been to a space center? Which one?

Thanks for reading!


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