A Walk in the (Hermann) Park

Both the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Cockrell Butterfly Center were located within the larger Hermann Park. We luckily got to catch the last rays of daylight outside after visiting the museums.

Sam Houston Statue Hermann Park Houston

Sam Houston is a big deal around this place with good reason.

Hermann Park Houston Memorial

Tree Shelter Art Hermann Park Houston

A few of these “tree houses” were also displayed in front of my school years ago.

Lilly found a Japanese garden in the park.

Unfortunately, before we walked too far, we had to leave because the garden was closed! Turns out that it closed at 5, not 6, in the winter. So sad! It was a beautiful, serene, peaceful place that I’d like to return to next time I’m in town.

Further beyond was the zoo. The layout of this park reminded me so much of St. Louis’s Forest Park! You can also visit like, a bajillion things inside without ever stepping out of the premises.

Ducks Hermann Park Houston

Finally, I saw this thing chase a goose then jump into the water and start swimming. It’s like my worst nightmare. A cat-sized rodent that can swim?! As much as I find it disgusting, I’d like to know what this thing is called. Someone please tell me?

Hermann Park

Ha, ending on that lovely note…what are your favorite parks in your city?

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “A Walk in the (Hermann) Park

  1. They’re called nutrias!! They’re everywhere in Texas, and look kind of like beavers without the beaver tail. I think they are cute! But I’m one of those weird ones that used to have a rat as a pet. 🙂 Anyway. Great photos! I used to live right across the street from Hermann Park (on the golf course side near the med center). Glad to read it reminded you a bit of home! Though I only lived in Houston for a year, Hermann Park holds a special place in my heart.


    • Thanks! I Googled them; didn’t know they were farmed and prized for their fur.
      We didn’t get to explore all of the park, since as you may well know, it’s pretty big! But I’d explore it again if I were ever given the chance. Glad to hear it’s a special place for you.


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