Evening Stroll Along the River Walk

San Antonio Texas River Walk at Night

Of course one of the places to see in San Antonio is its famed River Walk. I actually came here once with my family when I was in high school visiting colleges (ew). That time, we arrived in late afternoon, when the River Walk looked completely different than at night. Personally, I think the River Walk looked its best – magical, mysterious, and romantic – after sunset.

San Antonio Texas River Walk at Night

San Antonio Texas River Walk at Night

San Antonio Texas River Walk Satellite Tower at Night

Walking along the pedestrian-friendly streets was the best way to explore the area. Hellooo, it’s called River WALK for a reason! However, you can also ride the little riverboats. Last time, my family waited for hours under the hot, Texas sun to board, and now I don’t even remember any of the facts or history that the guide told us (but if you’re interested in reading up on it, check here)! Though I will say the advantage of boating was being able to navigate most of the River Walk in a short amount of time.

San Antonio Texas River Walk at Night

Behind every bend and turn was a new sight. Shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars lined either side of the river. But those very restaurants are tourist traps, I tell you. They’re overpriced and food pretty average. Last time we came, my family ate at Joe’s Crab Shack. C’mon, a chain restaurant? This time, I looked up everything online and saw that Rosario’s (a Mexican restaurant less than 5 min away) was highly recommended. We tried it, and the verdict? Disappointing – the food tasted so basic. In general, food in San Antonio couldn’t hold a candle to the ones in Austin (though if you know of great places, please share!). San Antonio was more a city for sightseeing and entertainment.

San Antonio Texas Courthouse from River Walk at Night

There’s the courthouse!


San Antonio Texas Courthouse from River Walk at Night

San Antonio Texas River Walk Restaurants at Night

In all, I think the River Walk was very touristy (but then again, I was one there). The shops and restaurants will milk you for all you’ve got. However, I appreciate the walkable streets that were right next to the river and the area’s unquestionable beauty. At the least, I got another chance to practice my night photography! 😉

Have you been to the River Walk? What areas in your city do you find interesting?

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Evening Stroll Along the River Walk

  1. The river looks beautiful. You certainly captured the lights and colours very well although it was very dim. So pretty. Sorry to hear you didn’t like the Mexican food. There are a lot of fast food Mex places here in Melbourne, and they taste disappointing – basic as you put it 🙂

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