Climbing Mount Bonnell

One thing about Austin that surprised me the most: the land was hilly and mountainous. Growing up in a city named after flat plains, I somehow thought that all of Texas was flat. This was not so, as Austin had a nice mountain called Mount Bonnell where people flock to watch the sunset.

View of Austin from Top of Mount Bonnell


Photocred: Megan


Met up with Megan!! Yay!


Found some real Texan plants:

Cacti in Austin Texas

“You guys don’t have cacti up there?” asked Megan. Nope, no we don’t (at least to my knowledge). I’ve never seen a cactus growing in the wild in north Texas. Perhaps someone can prove me wrong here.

So you see these nice houses below? My brother wanted to go pay them a visit, and I secretly wanted to traverse across their perfectly manicured lawns…

Mount Bonnell Austin Texas

So we took a little hiking trip:



Mount Bonnell Hiking Trail Austin Texas

I never felt more old huffing and puffing up and down the trail! By the time we neared the bottom, I noticed that it was fenced off and surrounded by barbed wire. Go figure. I mean, I wouldn’t want idiot tourists wandering across my backyard or swimming in my pool either…

By the time we hiked back up, the sun was beginning to set.

Mount Bonnell at Sunset in Austin Texas


Mount Bonnell at Sunset in Austin Texas

And it wasn’t even the most beautiful at this point! As soon as we decided to leave, I saw a beautiful red sun/purple sky behind us. I mentally beat myself up (why couldn’t I have waited just another 5 minutes?!) and my fingers itched to press the shutter. However, I guess it was a time to just “be in the moment” and not worry about capturing it!

Right outside of Mount Bonnell was Mayfield Nature Preserve. I think the only reason it’s famous is because a bunch of peacocks roam free on its grounds.

Mayfield Nature Preserve Austin Texas Peacock

CAUTION: peacock crossing

They, for some reason, don’t run off even though the gates are wide open.

Mayfield Nature Preserve Austin Texas Peacock

Unfortunately, none of them flaunted their beautiful tail feathers. I’ve only seen this once, and that was in St. Louis Zoo (Instagram proof). It was still kind of cool to walk among peacocks, so if you’re done climing Mount Bonnell, I recommend driving across to the preserve as well.


What did you think of Mount Bonnell? Where are some great places to watch the sun set?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. All photos of me were taken by my bro unless otherwise indicated.


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