December ’14 in Review

December 2014 in Review
Exams aside, December was a pretty relaxing month. I finally got to catch up on books, TV, movies, and music that I wasn’t able to enjoy during the school year!

Girl in Field

Girl in Field

Photoshoot was technically last day of November, but the blog post came out in December.

The Mud House

the mud house coffee and kitchen St. Louis Missouri

It’s a Jungle Out There: St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights


Union Square

Union Square Countdown Timer Building New York City

Never-Before-Seen New York Adventures

Snapshots: Dec. 6-13

12 Days of Christmas at Dallas Arboretum


Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I also went on a 6-day road trip around Texas in the past few days…

The Salt Lick BBQ


Graffiti Art at HOPE Outdoor Gallery


And that’s not all! More posts about the trip will be coming soon. Stay tuned and check back for updates!

Since starting Winter Break this month, I had plenty of opportunities to catch up on books, film, and music. Here’s my media intake of the month:




Happy New Year’s Eve, and thanks for reading!


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