Graffiti Art at HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin Texas

“The HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a three-story educational art project…one of the largest outdoor galleries in the USA. This project was developed to provide muralists, graffiti artists and community groups the opportunity to display large-scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive and educational messaging.” (HOPE campaign)

Hope Outdoor Gallery Graffiti Art Austin Texas

There’s an interesting background about how this “gallery” came to. It used to be a construction site (on million dollar property, you’ll later see why), but the project could not go on for some reason. So the half-built walls it just stood there, waiting to be painted…

“It was only in 2011 that it was crowned with the title of HOPE Outdoor Gallery…HOPE stands for Helping Other People Everywhere, a movement created in 2006 by Shepard Fairey to help raise awareness around Darfur, Sudan…

Instead of blowing the whistle on vandals, the property owners saw an opportunity to keep Austin weird and support the local community by allowing the space to be used as a sort of inspirational message board.” (The Austinot)

Though I initially felt indifferent in going to the gallery, HOPE definitely won as my favorite place in Austin! I loved all the bright, colorful art, and of course, the many photo ops in this bizarre place.





Graffiti artist in the making


I have a theory…

My favorite part was climbing up the three tiers of walls. I forgot how fun climbing was (adulthood sucks). When I was in elementary school, I climbed all over the playground equipment (and jumped off from high places). Finally, this was a chance to let my inner child fly!


Ok, here’s where you may start to understand why this property was worth so much. Just look at that view…

HOPE Outdoor Gallery View of Austin City

HOPE Outdoor Gallery View of Austin City

Young Wild Free Austin City View

At the very top, the entire back wall was covered in graffiti art:

Colorful Graffiti Art in Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin Texas

Graffiti Art in Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin Texas

Some take on a darker tone…

Graffiti Art Barbed Wire at Hope Outdoor Gallery Austin Texas

Castle Hill Austin Texas

Perhaps this gives you an idea of why it’s called “Castle Hill.”

It was interesting to hear from Lilly that the gallery looked completely different since the last time she was there during Thanksgiving. This place’s evolving, dynamic ambience is what I most like and get excited about!




“I’m on top of the world, eh”

HOPE was my favorite place to photograph (and be photographed!) so far. I hope my pictures above do this place justice and inspire you to go see it for yourself, especially since you’ll probably see a different mural than the ones I saw!

Have you been to HOPE Outdoor Gallery? Where are other cool galleries you’ve been to?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Lilly for taking like, a million photos of me!


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