The Salt Lick BBQ

In the middle of nowhere (Texas) exists this insanely famous BBQ restaurant called The Salt Lick.


Gotta take a commemorative photo…or is it just me who does this kind of stuff?

Its location was so random – if you didn’t know about the obscure entrance to turn into (or have a GPS) – you could have kept on driving along the two-way street for ages, not knowing that there was a civilization beyond the trees.

Salt Lick Austin Ranch

However, once we drove inside, we saw that this patch of land is huge! The restaurant had several cabins/houses where visitors could eat. Additionally, they had special houses & cellars just for wine tasting etc.

Salt Lick Barbecue BBQ Restaurant Austin Texas


Given the amount of people there, I was pleased by the fact that we were seated pretty quickly. Soon, each of us ordered a combo plate of meats!

Salt Lick Barbecue BBQ Menu

Over 40 years ago…read the history here.

The Rancher BBQ Combination Plate

Turkey, brisket, rib, and sausage. My kind of food pyramid.

Usually I like beef ribs (mmm, Pappy’s), but the brisket here definitely won me over. Soft, juicy, and oh-so barbecue saucy…I didn’t know brisket could taste so great!

Cooking Meat at Salt Lick Barbecue BBQ Austin Texas


After lunch, we had more energy to look around the place. It was really nice and well, what you’d expect a ranch to look like.

Salt Lick Barbecue BBQ Garden Room

Garden Room

Salt Lick Barbecue BBQ Room

More like a desert garden.


My brother found this random cat and started petting it. When I stooped down to take his picture, it walked over and rubbed its germy body all of me… #can’tdowildanimals

I most definitely did not grow up on a ranch in the country (I lived the suburban life), so this was pretty new experience for me. Not the first time I’ve been on a farm, but the first time I’ve been on a ranch in Texas!

If you’re ever around Austin and get a chance to eat at Salt Lick, let me know what you think! What are other great BBQ joints you’d recommend?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Dallas BBQ in Dallas


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