Snapshots: Seniors Potluck and Zoo Lights

I mentioned in It’s Friday, Friday #3 that my senior class was going to host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that consisted of a potluck and white elephant gift. Here’s the result of that:

(12/6) Boom, baby. Seniors know how to do it right!

(12/6) I congratulate myself on this great steal. Thanks for the gift Megan/Hassan, and Justine for taking the photo!

In fact, I liked that sweater so much that I wore it again for It’s a Jungle Out There:  St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights. Would it be wrong to wear this holiday sweater even after Christmas??


Aaand a few more snaps from the zoo’s Wild Lights event:

Christmas Tree Ornaments at St. Louis Zoo Winter Lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Swan Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

My favorite display!

Christmas Wild Lights at St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Zoo

Goodbye, zoo.

Thanks for reading!



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