Union Square

This little square in Manhattan holds a special place in my heart. During the summer, I lived only 1 street away, so I often went to Union Square at night to walk, call family and friends, and people-watch. There was always something going on, and the busy little piece of concrete was like my second home away from home. I do not by any means “know-it-all,” but I would like to share some of my favorite places and moments from my times there. CAUTION: get ready for a picture-filled post!

Streets around Union Square New York

Union Square New York Southeast Corner

Union Square Building at Night New York City

Union Square Countdown Building New York City

The numbers on this building were always changing, but for what?? I couldn’t tell if it was a timer or not because sometimes the sequences didn’t make sense.

There were always artists trying to “make it” around here.


“You don’t understand how hard it is to come here, man. I need all the tips I can get, even a dollar can help. Each subway ride is $2.50. It costs me $5 a day to come here and go back.”

Art Paintings Outside Union Square New York

The square hosted a myriad of events, some of them planned and other impromptu…

Candlelight Vigil for Coal Miners at Union Square New York

Candlelight vigil for South American coal miners (I think).

Mancala Game in Union Square New York

A mancala game. Plenty of chess games were also nearby.

Latin American Festival at Union Square New York

Latin American Sun Festival (I think?! I took all these photos but forgot to jot down of what O_O)

Taiwan Festival in Union Square New York

Bubbles at Union Square New York

I had no idea. I came back one day and saw millions of bubbles floating in the air.

The Saturday morning farmers market was always a hit. I had briefly passed through it a few times, but now I wish I stopped to browse more thoroughly! There were all kinds of goodies, ranging from vegetables & fruit to flowers & house plants.

Union Square New York Farmers Market

There were some really neat buildings around there. Take the Empire State, for example.

Empire State Building View from Union Square

The New School Building in New York

I lived right by the New School.

There were definitely some superb shopping around here. 5th ave was like my backyard!

Union Square West at Night New York City

The Strand Bookstore was one of my favorite places to pass time in:

Strand Book Store Union Square New York

And so was Forbidden Planet. It was like a haven for sci-fi and fantasy aficionados. I brought Christina here so that we could both geek out together!

Forbidden Planet Union Square New York

The number of guys with man buns and beards increased exponentially in here.

Anime Figurine at Forbidden Planet Union Square New York

Domo Toys at Forbidden Planet Union Square New York

Toys at Forbidden Planet Union Square New York

Arya Game of Thrones Figurine at Forbidden Planet New York

Oh em geeee, it’s Arya! She only costed $98 or something!!

For me, it was the people who made the square most interesting.


“I’m still learning to play.”

Street Artist at Union Square New York

Father/Daughter at Union Square New York

Though I took many photos, there were some moments not pictured: my friends and I exercising (in public!) during a free “boot camp” class, the Starbucks on 17th that I’d always edit my pictures in, striking up a 2-hour conversation with a hip-hop music producer in said coffee shop, petting cats and observing ghost shrimp in Petsmart…

Dang. I’m feeling the nostalgia coming in waves right now. Union Square is an awesome place, and I know that I’ll have to return some day!

Have you ever been to Union Square? Where are your favorite hangouts in New York?

Thanks for reading!



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