It’s a Jungle Out There: St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

Last Saturday, I took a much-needed study break by going to the St. Louis Zoo’s annual Wild Lights display. I remember seeing the lights and decorations last year at the zoo during the day, but didn’t realize that they were specifically for this event.

My friend Jiwon and I had a grand ‘ol time running around taking selfies with the different displays! After regretting not taking my tripod to Garden Glow, I’m so glad that I lugged it along this time despite the numerous stares. #don’tcurr


Cause look who got the winning selfie 🙂

The animal lights were especially neat – we were at a zoo, after all.

Cheetah Christmas Light Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights


Groundhog Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

Jungle of the Apes Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

Penguins Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

I now realize I could’ve made a gif of the penguins sliding down the iceberg. Oh well, use your imagination!



To my surprise, the Insect House was open! Glad I got to see some live animals while at the zoo.

Butterfly Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

Spider in St. Louis Zoo Insect House

I always take a picture of these spiders when I come here. They never fail to fascinate.

The spider’s terrarium was even decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments! If I had a pet spider I’d probably do the same. Except keep the decorations in there year-round.

Jungle Nymphs Insect House St. Louis Zoo

I also love looking at these jungle nymphs. They’re masters of camouflage!

Unfortunately, Jiwon didn’t find the bugs as attractive as I did, so we left.


St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights Reflection

I wanted to capture the lights’ reflections on the pond, but was surprised to later see the larger picture on my computer screen that the pelicans were also visible! Jiwon asked how do they not float away while sleeping? Secret is, they’re perched on rocks.


Not quite a Nutcracker Prince, but close enough!

This final, grand swan display was my favorite:

Swan Christmas Display at St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

Swans used to be my favorite animal for being so beautiful and graceful.


Overall, the experience was a good one, although a little rushed (car rental time was up and had to go back to study!!!). The only really annoying thing about the whole event was that visitors could only enter and leave through one entrance (South entrance), which really clogged up the streets. If you didn’t want to deal with traffic, you had the option to park far away then walk 3/4 mi to the correct entrance! What?! St. Louis Zoo, I hope you’re reading this, and take this inconvenience into consideration if you want less grumpy guests next year.

Have you ever been to Wild Lights? What are some cool Christmas light displays around your town?

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle Out There: St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights

  1. How fun! I went to the Columbus Zoo Lights last Christmas and they were not as nice looking as this. They looked like some lazy people threw stringed lights into the trees and bushes without caring to make it look decent. It was not worth it! This one looks top notch. Glad you had a good time.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup


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