The Mud House

the mud house coffee and kitchen St. Louis Missouri

When going to a place called The Mud House for brunch, you better expect the place to look super hip, be decorated with vintage pieces, and sell high-end coffee. Let me illustrate: one friend said that he felt underdressed there (“Looks like I forgot to wear boots, skinnies, and a beard”). Well, it certainly did not fall short of expectations of being a hipster hot-spot. Take a look:

The mud house coffee St. Louis Missouri

Oooh, that coffee with the original names though.

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Anything with the word “vintage” in it…

Order at the mud house St. Louis daily specials

In line to order. Getting close to the front!

the mud house st. louis missouri decor

They had some tasteful wall art.

I really liked how we got to order up front rather than be seated then wait to have our orders taken. In total, it took only ~15 min for us to order and receive our food – good news for my hungry stomach!

the Mud House coffee brunch breakfast St. Louis Missouri

All our food looked really nice and colorful when together! 😀

the mud house brunch food st. louis missouri


I chose the daily special, Fancy French Toast. Apple, pear, and pistachios on top of two pieces of fluffy bread drenched with syrup. That’s my kind of breakfast.

fancy french toast brunch food the mud house st. louis Missouri

You think you fancy, huh?

My friends (who ordered a breakfast sandwich and burrito) and I thought that our food was all very good. But would I go again? Probably not. After brunching so much, I realized that in the end, most American brunch food is the same (pancakes, toast, bacon, eggs, etc.). So! Tip to anyone who wants to start a brunch joint: make something original/different! However, I encourage people to try eating here at least once, and enjoy a chill morning with friends at a coffee & breakfast kitchen that may be cooler than you.

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