Snapshots: Goodbye, Fall

From Last of Fall: Polaroids and Pictures in Forest Park:

Name Leaves

(11/15) I didn’t expect him to surprise me with this little creation – it took me a second to realize that it was my family name!

Some students demonstrated our appreciation for our school’s housekeeping staff by throwing them a huge banquet!

Staff Appreciation Banquet Thank You Cards

(11/20) Complete with thank-you cards written by students.

thank you chocolate cake

(11/20) And homemade food!

In celebration of succesfully planning and hosting the wonderful banquet mentioned above, my co-leader and I took our team out to the Science Center!

St. Louis Science Center

(11/23) This was a cool contraption – the rising balls were powered by kids running in a huge hamster wheel! Putting them to good use .

First, we made silly putty. I was obsessed with goo/silly putty as a child! I made my dad buy me tons of that stuff whenever we went to Toys R Us. The texture really appealed to me, and it still does!

This guy helped me squeeze out the excess borax from my glue + paint + glitter (LOTS of glitter) concoction. Thanks man.










Looking at the animals:

(11/23) We found Nemo.

axolotl st louis science center

(11/23) Goodness, adult axolotls look so ugly!

Look how pink and cute they were as babies!

baby axolotl

(11/23) AWWW! Source

We didn’t have time to look at the dinosaur exhibit, but I took a passing pic of one spectacular T-rex:

dinosaur t-rex st louis science center

(11/23) I’m kind of surprised at how bloody they made this. Didn’t expect them to show dying/half-eaten dinos to kids. But props to them for not Disney-fying.

The rest of our time was spent solving brain teaser puzzles and building bridges and arches. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have some time to do more “just because” photoshoots. I recently discovered the work of Elizabeth Gadd, a 21-year old self-taught photographer from Canada. She’s just like me, except for the Canada part! Her work is so inspiring to me. I’m super excited to go home for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so perhaps I can try out some concepts that have been stewing in my head.

Thanks for reading!



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