ICES: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Have you ever had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

A week ago, my friends and I visited Ices: Plain & Fancy after going to Citygarden. This little ice cream shop makes its ice cream by mixing it with liquid nitrogen!

Ices Plain & Fancy in St. Louis

For those of you who don’t know, in normal atmospheric pressure, nitrogen exists in a liquid state. In fact, its temperature ranges from -346°F and -320.44°F (source)! So when it’s mixed into the ice cream, the nitrogen vapors look like this and cause the ice cream to solidify:

Liquid nitrogen ice cream

I remember in 11th grade, my chemistry class tried to make ice cream fueled by liquid nitrogen. It was kind of a fail because it required a LOT of liquid nitrogen. So…in the end our ice cream turned out kind of soupy. Good thing that this ice cream shop is well stocked with large vats of liquid nitrogen!

Liquid nitrogen at Ices Plain & Fancy

If you’re curious, here’s their menu:

Ices Plain & Fancy Menu

I got salted dulce de leche custard while my friends got all kinds of other flavors: butter pecan, mint chip, even sweet potato (seasonal special)!

Next time though, I might go for one of the Boozy Ices. It looks so tempting…and now that I’m 21, I feel free to exercise my rights! Heheh…

So what did the ice cream taste like? Was it any different than regular ‘ol ice cream?

–> Very, very sweet! But the texture felt even creamier than regular ice cream. It was also very filling (look at those cup sizes). Verdict? Would go again, and excited to try another flavor!

Would you eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

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9 thoughts on “ICES: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

  1. Sweet potato liquid nitrogen ice cream… yup. Count me in. I tried liquid nitrogen ice cream once in college at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center, but I honestly can’t remember what it tasted like. Guess that just means I’ll have to try it again!


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