First Snow

We had our first real snowfall yesterday in St. Louis! I managed to snap a few shots with my iPhone while walking on campus. Snow truly is magical…for the first few hours, at least. Hope you enjoy the pretty pictures!

snow wash u college campus duc

Graham chapel campus snow winter wash u

wash u campus snow trees winter

I love how the trees still have leaves on them to give that pop of color against the white snow.

wash u campus wustl snow winter

snow winter trees branches wash u campus

This tree is seriously the best. Please don’t ever cut it down.

snow winter wash u campus

So there ya go, my last, first snowfall of the year. Sometimes I think I’ll miss the snow, but then I remember how everything turns to brown mush, slippery roads, and most of all the freezing cold – so maybe not.

Thanks for reading!



17 thoughts on “First Snow

    • Living on campus and seeing it everyday has made me feel indifferent to it, but I am reminded every now and then of just how beautiful of a place I live in. Thanks!


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    • Thank you! I am impressed by how well iPhone photos can turn out when taken in natural lighting. Lucky you, the snow has been melting and turning everything brown here.


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