Snapshots: Craftoberfest

This is a round-up of all the “random” photos that I’ve taken in the past few weeks but weren’t substantial enough to create an entire post dedicated to each one. These kinds of photos almost always get lost in my giant photo archive, so I’m excited to try these “snapshots” posts and bring them out to life!

A bunch of these are from Craftoberfest (crafts + beer):

Yellow Bird Gifts at Craftoberfest

(10/16) A ton of the booths were selling “vintage” trinkets.

Tiny Forest Animal Decorations

(10/16) Little woodland animals! So cute!

Hipsters at Craftoberfest

(10/16) This was an incredibly hipster event. I felt a bit out-of-place there…

Moustache Cups at Craftoberfest

(10/16) When you have moustache glasses, what else do you need?

Metal Leaf Necklaces at Craftoberfest

(10/16) These metal leaves were pretty cool! Although the artist was a little wary of me taking photos, I got one in the end with her permission. Don’t worry lady, I’m not here to steal your art…

Beer Barrels at Craftoberfest

(10/26) Of course, what’s Craftoberfest without beer?

From other days:

Drinks at 360 Rooftop Bar in St. Louis

(10/25) Chillin’ on the outdoor patio of 360 Rooftop Bar. One of the coolest bars I’ve ever been (not that I’ve been to many in the first place…).

Monarch Butterfly During Autumn in St. Louis Missouri

(10/26) “Caught” a monarch butterfly on campus.

Putting this post together has really inspired me to take more “everyday” photos, ordinary snippets of life here and there. I think I’ve focused so much on taking event photos that I’ve forgotten to look at the little things. Stop and smell the roses, right? Or in my case, chase and “shoot” butterflies!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Snapshots: Craftoberfest

  1. It’s very difficult to take pictures of handicraft most of the time, they are so afraid about the copyright. I can understand their viewpoint, but most of the time, it’s just because we want to take a pretty picture more than anything 😀


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