Praise & Prayer Hike at Castlewood State Park

Last Sunday morning, a group of students and I met up in Castlewood State Park. Instead of the usual Sunday morning church service, we worshipped and prayed in the great outdoors then enjoyed a short hike afterwards. Between the two trail options, Brolivia and I chose the more challenging 3-mile trail with ledges (!) and a river view. I thought we’d be hiking right next to a river, but nope, I was mistaken. You can see the surprise in my pictures below:

Hiking Trail During Fall Autumn in Castlewood State Park

Rocks & Ledges on Hiking Trail in Castlewood State Park

Living on the edge!

Attempted to look cool/adventurous by standing on this ledge. Sadly, did not account for tree to be in the way…

Dramatic gaze into the distance to see…

River Hiking Trail During Fall Autumn in Castlewood State Park


Now we know how the trail got its name. We technically were by a river, just not along its riverbanks as I was used to (in the hiking trails back home). Nevertheless, it was still a breathtaking view.

Cactus in Rock Ledge at Castlewood State Park

So neat to find cacti in the wild!

Got the best view from this ledge! It was a bit more difficult to reach. Sure ‘nough, the best things in life don’t come easily.

Trees During Fall Autumn on Hiking Trail in Castlewood State Park

I really enjoyed the dual tones between these trees.

Brolivia really is getting better at taking photos of me by the end of this, don’t ya think?

As you can tell, I really really liked this place! I didn’t know that we lived so close to a state park with so many hiking opportunities. But then again, I’m learning so much about my city and it’s surroundings this year (i.e. Grant’s Farm). I’d love to go back again especially since we weren’t able to finish the trail in our limited time, but it probably won’t happen until next spring. It was by some miracle that it was sunny and warm (70 degrees?!) that day. Now that it’s chilly, I can look back at these photos with much greater appreciation (and longing)!

Do you like the outdoors? Where are your favorite places to hike?

(Thanks Bro, for taking photos of me!)

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Climbing Mount Bonnell and Fall Conference Day 2/3: Basking in Nature


13 thoughts on “Praise & Prayer Hike at Castlewood State Park

  1. I don’t think I’m outdoorsy but I love hiking. I enjoy walking in the woods along the trails. Unfortunately, I am living in a city where doesn’t have those kinds of walking trails. (I’m in Bangkok, Thailand by the way) You are so lucky to live where such beautiful places are near by. Thank you for sharing:)


    • Wow that’s amazing! I would love to visit Thailand some day. I’m sure there’s plenty of wonderful sights and experiences that only city life could give. Thanks for reading!


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