Navy Pier

Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out of juice right after we left Shedd Aquarium, so I could only take photos with my little iPhone for the rest of the night. Well…here’s a little taste of what Chicago’s infamous Navy Pier was like:

Navy Pier Chicago night lights

Shakespeare Theater Navy Pier Chicago night lights

Navy Pier Chicago night lights

I was kind of surprised by the small number of people (tourists) outside. Aside from a Skrillex concert and wedding reception, I didn’t see crowds of people on the pier. I suppose, in the end, that was a good thing.

ferris wheel Chicago navy pier

Whenever I see ferris wheels now, I think of Beyonce’s “XO” music video. She’s really shaped me, that woman.

The girls! (Photo courtesy of Tony)

Photo courtesy of Liz

Ahhh! I love how pretty Chicago looks at night. (Photo courtesy of Liz)

Chicago Navy Pier boat yacht night

And this, here, is my yacht…

Navy Pier Chicago

And that’s it! Navy Pier was the last attraction that we visited in one weekend. You can see the rest of the places I went to in Chicago here. I’m always open to suggestions for new places to explore (or food to try!).

Have you been to Chicago? Where are your “must see” places? Restaurants?

Thanks for reading!





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