Encountering Marine Life at Shedd Aquarium

Right after my friends and I left Millennium Park, we walked along the marina to Shedd Aquarium. The city sure looked great at dusk. All those lights in the distance? That’s Navy Pier, which was our next and final destination for the day.

Navy Pier on Lake Michigan seen from Marina in Chicago

I bought a hot dog from a stand nearby. Later, I found out what a grave mistake that was from my Chicago friend who berated me for not going to Portillo’s. But whatever, I couldn’t tell. To me, a hot dog is a hot dog!

Attractively eating my Chicago dog.

Finally arrived at the aquarium. Line was long, but worth the wait when tix were only $5 with student discount. 🙂

Shedd Aquarium Chicago

Sting Ray in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Oh hey dere.

Sea Turtle in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

It was surprisingly huge! Like, 4-5 ft long from head to tail!

I thought this turtle’s hind legs were paralyzed because it was only swimming with its front flippers. You can see how it’s awkwardly tilted because of this handicap. I later found out indeed, the turtle was rescued.

I definitely found my favorite exhibit next. Check it:

Glowing Jellyfish "Sea Jellies" in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

I love how the jellies look like they’re floating in outer space!

Glowing Jellyfish "Sea Jellies" in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Glowing Jellyfish "Sea Jellies" in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

As the lights in the tank changed color, the jellyfish’s color changed too. It was so cool and mesmerizing! I’d be thrilled to have a tank of these in my room

With my beloved jellyfish ❤

Bonus: the entry tickets also came with access to a show.

Beluga Whale Squirting Water in Chicago Shedd Aquarium Show

What a cutie!

Beluga Whale Waving in Chicago Shedd Aquarium Show

Jumping Beluga Whales in Chicago Shedd Aquarium Show

Sea Lion Show in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Dolphins Jumping in Shedd Aquarium Chicago Show

Dolphins Jumping in Shedd Aquarium Chicago Show

Dolphin torpedos!

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen beluga whales perform in a show, and this is coming from a girl who went to Sea World way too much as a kid. Overall, the show was OK – it wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t bad either.

After the show, we could watch the animals in their tanks.

Beluga Whale Playing with Ball in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Cute bebe

Sea Otter Eating in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

So cool to have seen this sea otter snack on a crab while I was there! Don’t be mistaken, it was swimming really quickly in all directions while eating, so I was lucky to get this single, clear shot of it.

We even had the opportunity to touch starfish!

Photo courtesy of Christina

Despite them looking soft and squishy (like Peach from Finding Nemo), they actually felt rough from their many little bumps and ridges. I could only withstand petting them for short periods of time because the water was icy cold!

One final round of fish-watching before the aquarium closed.

Yellow Fish in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Seahorse in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Female seahorses enseminate the males with the babies. So cool.

Seahorse in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Spider Crab in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Japanese spider crab, the largest crab in the world. It was like, 2 feet long?

Fish Eating Lettuce in Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Chow time! Haha what an ugly fish.

When I left, I was graced by this wonderful sunset:

Chicago Sunset Behind Skyscrapers

Chicago Sunset by Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Sunset by Shedd Aquarium

Chicago is such a fun, vibrant city! There’s just so much to do and not enough time to do it all in one weekend. Originally, I didn’t think about applying to jobs here because it’s coooold and I’m a warm-weather girlBut this trip has changed my mind. I can see myself working and living in Chi-town after all! We’ll see…

(Special thanks to Liz for taking pictures of me!)

Thanks for reading!

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