Chicago After Dark – Willis Tower Skydeck

It was a good call visiting the Willis Tower (or Sears Tower, depending on how much of Chicago you have in you) last Friday after dark. Not only did I get to see a beautiful nightscape like this:

Downtown Chicago from Willis Tower Skydeck

Downtown Chicago seen from the Willis Tower Skydeck


Not long ones, at least. It felt so good to just walk through the near-empty maze of cues and actually having some breathing room in the elevators. Gosh I felt like a genius picking this time. I remember the what, 2-hour long wait to go up during the day the first time I went, and I felt so grateful to not have to experience that again. Look how gloriously empty it was:

Welcome to Iconic Chicago, Willis Tower

However, there were still lines to go onto the Skydeck glass box/ledge. My friends and I got a few hurried pics in before the testy tourists behind us forced us out or something…

We tried to take a picture of us standing on top of the glass. But a) glass was blurry and b) I only snapped this ONE PHOTO because of aforementioned testy tourists. So here was the end result:

Standing on Top of Glass Skydeck

Uhhh you can kind of make out the streets below us…

My Feet on Skydeck

A bit more visible shot with just my own two big feet. And my jacket in the way. #struggles

Skydeck Willis tower

The Skydeck next to ours.

I already shared a photo of downtown Chicago seen from the Skydeck, but here’s more from the same level (110th floor, I believe):

Willis Tower Skydeck Night View of Downtown Chicago

Willis Tower Night View of Downtown Chicago

Willis Tower Night View of Downtown Chicago

Willis Tower Night View of Chicago Coast

This was facing the coast: that black mass in the distance (with sailing ships!)

This was my friend Liz’s um, interesting concept of the Gateway Arch meeting Willis Tower:

Haha, you go Liz.

One final group pic, and we’re out to eat Giordano’s deep dish pizza.

Friends! With a visitor in the corner!

Recommendation to Giordano’s was all thanks to my Chicago friend who would be willing to pay to ship this stuff from Chicago to Texas after moving away from the Windy City. As a deep-dish lover myself, this was absolutely divine.

Giordano's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

BBQ Chicken/Classic


Wouldn’t you agree with me that Chicago at night is beautiful? Where else have you seen fantastic night views?

Chicago Streets at Night

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’m all about cities’ night views. Here I am in NYC. Bonus if I’m 10+ stories high.


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