Grocery Shopping at Soulard Farmers Market

As I mentioned in my post before, last weekend I visited the Soulard neighborhood to check out their well-known farmers market. I had been there once before (always never enough time to fully explore) but I returned again, this time with my camera in tow.

soulard farmers market st louis stl

I’m really diggin’ his red shoes.

The sights, smells, and crowdedness were just as I remembered it. Local farmers come here to sell their fruits and vegetables on select days of the week. My favorite part is being able to find great deals and even strike a bargain here. $1 for a bunch of bananas! $1 for 4 mandarins!

soulard farmers market

Chili peppers red hot

Hang me up to dry…

hot thai red peppers spicy

Red hot chili peppers!

soulard farmers market st louis stl

Bargaining for goods is a practice that I always wished would catch on in America. Whenever I go to China (or Mexico), I feel so inept when I go to the market and want to buy something but can’t haggle the price down to what I want! It’s definitely a practiced skill that children learn from observing adult relatives doing it. So, I usually just leave my cousin who grew up and lives in China to haggle for me.

Exotic goods were sold in this market. For example:

bison meat soulard farmer's market

Where do you even get bison in Missouri? The bison farm?

I didn’t see it that day, but last time, I saw venison, rabbit meat, and even possum.

soulard farmer's market st louis stl

All the meat you could want. Notice how they also sell gator meat?

You can also treat yourself with a little somethin’ somethin:’

julias cantina

How was your margarita, Ethan?

Another interesting find at the market were the live animals:

chickens farmer's market

Tonight’s dinner, waiting to be cooked.

chickens farmer's market

There were also rabbits, but for whatever reason I chose to take pics of only chickens. Last time I also visited a small pet shop around there, but it was either closed for the weekend or closed for good (thanks animal rights activists).

watermelons farmers market ripe pink

So ripe. So pink. So alone.

flowers plant shop farmer's market

pumpkins gourds farmer's market soulard

Have you ever been to a farmers market? What kinds of interesting things did you see or buy?

Thanks for reading!



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