Balloon Glow

In my fourth and final year in university, I finally got a chance to go see St. Louis’s infamous Balloon Glow on Sept. 19.

balloon glow stl st louis 2014

Balloon Glow 2014

balloon glow booth st louis

balloon glow 2014 st louis

As you can see, each hot air balloon fired up in intermittent bursts to give off this beautiful glow at night. The actual hot air balloon race was the next day, but I think it’s awesome how we got to see these balloons up close and personal.

balloon glow stl st louis 2014

St. Louis STL hot air balloon glow

Reppin’ the city!

st louis goldfish hot air balloon

energizer hot air balloon st louis

Energizer bunny. Sadly, I heard it didn’t go up very high during the race the next day!

popcorn hot air balloon st louis

This popcorn balloon was shaped as a rectangle.

One of the coolest experiences was getting to go inside a hot air balloon basket.

Katherine and I inside the balloon. Photocred: Brolivia

There was no door to go into the basket – we had to climb in and out!

Here’s a kid who was having fun with it

catching fire hot air balloon

Catching fire!!

balloon glow stl st louis 2014

golf ball hot air balloon epcot

This one reminded me of the Epcot globe in Disneyworld.

Closing time.

Did you visit this year’s Balloon Glow? What were your impressions of it? If not, is there something similar in your city?

Thanks for reading!



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