St. Louis World’s Fare

Last Sunday, the St. Louis World’s Fare was held in Forest Park in commemoration of the original 1904 world’s fair. I was so excited to go, because as luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time (studying in St. Louis, right next to Forest Park, in 2014).

Peddler’s Row

peddler's row st. louis world's fare

Photocred: Lorraine

This was one of the many different attractions & events that were a part of this heritage fair. Peddler’s row was where a bunch of artists, musicians, even a fortune teller came to sell their goods or perform.

guitar musician st louis world's fare

Self proclaimed, self-taught guitarist

fortune teller tarot readings world's fare

Care to have your fortune read?

We even got to sample hot sauces from a local hot sauce company (Ken’s). There were a wide variety of flavors, ranging from salty to sweet. Most memorable was this pineapple flavored sauce that was supposed to be “Asian” influenced, but in my experience I’ve never tasted an Asian hot sauce that was pineapple flavored…

world's fare ken's hot sauce

Sherry, pro food photographer.

wonder woman st. louis world's fare

I always, always think of Alicia Keys’ song “Superwoman” when I see this figure. Nope, wrong superhero. Photocred: Lorraine

flowers colorful st louis world's fare

Skateboard Competition

skateboard skate competition st louis world's fare

Skaters were doing tricks and showing off in addition to lobbying for a community skate park to be built.

Artist Tents

art canvas painting artist st louis world's fare

Artist at work.

This booth was pretty cool; the artist made jewelry and headpieces out of metal wire.

jewelry metal headpiece headband

She even let me try one of them on! 😀 Photocred: Sherry

I really liked the work of the following artist, Christy Sawyer. She started out by doing a small “painting-a-day,” which turned into pieces that people liked and bought. I liked all the different tones and expressions captured just from the “windows of their soul…”

eyes portraits

Christy Sawyer windows of the soul

The colorful portraits this artist made (ugh I forgot to write down his name!) were also really neat.

pop art world's fareAll the pops of color and styles in these paintings were so exciting! No two pieces were the same. The pink Twiggy was my personal favorite.

lincoln mark twain painting

These four pieces look so good together!

Photo shoot off!

Culinary Pike

culinary pike st louis world's fare

This area was my favorite. Sooo many great restaurants (Drunken Fish, Stir Crazy, Pappy’s, etc.) came!

My friend Sherry bought a “young, fresh coconut” from a food truck. Was it as true as advertised?

Trying out Sherry’s “young, fresh coconut.” Photocred: Lorraine

Somehow, “young & fresh” translated to “soft & baby” in my mind. Imagine how that sounded out loud when I affirmed that the soft, baby coconut indeed tasted young & fresh. Mmm.

That entire time, I was craving BBQ. In fact, I craved it all summer – I didn’t know what I had until it was gone! Finally, I got my wish at Pappy’s! 3 ribs for $6, baby!! What a good way to conclude my visit to the Fare.

Pappy's st louis world's fare

Photocred: Lorraine

Did anyone from around St. Louis (or even out of town) also go to the World’s Fare? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. More at Forest Park: Getting Fancy at the Jewel Box and Last of Fall: Polaroids and Photos in Forest Park


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