Dallas BBQ in Dallas

You might’ve read the title of this post and thought “duh?” but when I was in New York, I kept on seeing restaurants titled “Dallas BBQ.” Naturally, this infuriated me – how could I possibly eat good Dallas BBQ in New York when I was from Dallas? So when I came home, I immediately called my friends to join me in eating real Texan BBQ. We found a place called Kenny’s Smokehouse located in this area called the Shops at Legacy and ate ribs…more ribs…and some reeeal good mac n’ cheese. There really is nothing like eating BBQ than right in the heart of Texas! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the meal because I was too excited to eat. But we all know what meat looks like, right??

Besides that, my friends April, Christina, and I took some photos after dinner near the nice lake behind all the stores.

There they are! Friends!

shops at legacy pond

April and I match. Great minds think alike, I guess.

April and I match. Great minds think alike, I guess.

"Life chats."

“Life chats.”

shops at legacy

This really is a nice, posh place in “the middle of nowhere.” These pictures show more of the residential area nearby, but there are a ton of shops, boutiques, a fancy movie theater, and restaurants only a few blocks ahead. I hope to come back in the winter and see it at night when all the pretty Christmas lights are up.

Have y’all ever been to the Shops at Legacy? Which restaurants would you recommend?

Thanks for reading!





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