“A New York Summer” Photo Book

I just spent the last 12 hours obsessively creating a photo book of my summer’s adventures. You may flip through it here:


*Just a disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored by Shutterfly. I only used this program because I received a discount coupon for their photobooks. However, I will share my thoughts on using Shutterfly’s photobooks in the rest of this post.

I created an 8×8, 20 page, hardcover photo book. I spent forever choosing the perfect layout, photo, and colors for the cover page – I mean, it’s what everyone judges the book by, right? As a plus, I was pleasantly surprised by the option to change the spine’s color background and the ability to add text (sorry, spine not pictured).

Shutterfly photo book cover

My book’s cover page.

I opted to use a theme with “storytelling mode” (beware, it’s an additional $4.99!) which included New York themed stickers and backgrounds.

pages Shutterfly photo book

The first two pages.

The most frustrating part about this app was how tiny the work space was. The photobook’s preview pages were waaay too small. It was impossible to click on the tiny text area boxes and move them to exactly where I wanted. On the up side, there were plenty of fonts to choose from. However, I am a little worried about several of the pages where the fonts looked wonky after I ordered then previewed my book again. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it’s only a preview error and that my final book will look exactly as it did in the editor.

pages shutterfly photo book

Pages 8 & 9

I surprisingly ended up liking this yellow page! I think the “stickers” really helped add some pizzaz here.

Shutterfly Photo Book

Pages 12 & 13

back cover photo book Shutterfly

My photo book’s back cover.

Printing out photos is becoming more and more important to me so that I can store and share my memories. I think deep down inside, I want to be able to whip out these photo albums in the future and show my grandkids what a fabulous time I had while I was young ;). Now I’m super excited to receive my book in the mail next week! Woohoo!

Have you ever created a photo book using Shutterfly? What did you think? If not, what program do you like to use?

Thanks for reading!

**UPDATE: After receiving it, I am relieved to share that all the fonts and placements were correct. It’ll look just as it did in the editor (picture here).



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