Walk, Eat, Shop. Repeat.

In my last post I mentioned what “local” New Yorkers do on weekends: walk, eat, shop. Repeat. As you’ll see here, that’s exactly what my friend Christina and I did last Sunday (August 4) in true New York fashion, but with some tourism dotted in here and there.

Walk: Central Park, East Side

First thing in the morning: we wanted to eat brunch at Sarabeth’s because I heard a lot of great things about it. But it was a 30 minute wait to be seated…so we wandered around the Central Park area to kill time.


Please don’t rain on my parade.

Eat: Sarabeth’s

Brunch at Sarabeth’s! Ate salmon & cream cheese scrambled eggs with a pumpkin muffin. SAVORY.

Photocred to Christina!

CHEERS. Photocred to Christina!

Walk: Central Park West

I brought my friend over to check out my job site (Surprisingly, my project manager offered this opportunity – and I’m not going to object!). It was super cool getting to show her what I did and the details of my job.


Selfie up on the 43rd floor. Check out Central Park in the back 😉

Shop: Time Warner Center

We strolled around the Time Warner shopping center at Columbus Circle. Interestingly enough, this is the first thing you see when you walk in:


Hey ma, look who I brought home.

Walk: American Museum of Natural History

Saw a bunch of taxidermied animals:

moose american museum natural history

bear american museum natural history

Appreciated the universe & space:

american museum natural history

Now my weight is no longer a secret!

saturn planet museum

Visited the land of dinosaurs:

dinosaur american museum natural history

dinosaur american museum natural history

dinosaur american museum natural history

I’d say it was a nice museum, but it didn’t quite excite me as much as I expected, especially since I’m such a science geek. The Perot Museum (which has similar natural science exhibits) in Dallas was more enjoyable. It may have been because the exhibits looked newer, were more interactive, and less friggin’ crowded in Perot.

Break Time (aka needed to SIT DOWN): Central Park, Upper West Side

Sat on a bench, people watched, and enjoyed a quiet moment.

Central Park canoe

princess photoshoot central park

This little princess had her own photoshoot.

Walk: Chelsea Market/High Line

I took Christina to visit Chelsea Market and the High Line, which are some of my favorite places in New York.

people high line

These ladies perfected color coordination.

Eat: Shanghai Cafe

Let me end this post with this extremely flattering photo of me gorging on soup dumplings for dinner:

Photocred to Christina

Basically, all we did this weekend was eat, with some walking in between. As Christina put it, that “sounds like a good weekend!” It sure was :). You can read Christina’s take on this weekend’s activities on her blog. Hope you got some ideas on what to do if you ever choose to visit NYC!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Other activities we did that weekend: An Afternoon at MoMAWhen in NYC, Watch a Broadway Show


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