An Afternoon at MoMA

This past weekend my BFF came to visit me here in the big apple all the way from our hometown in Texas! We went to many places around town and lived out the New York mantra: walk, eat, shop, repeat.

A picture in from of the LOVE sculpture was a must.

A friend picture in front of the LOVE sculpture was a must.

One of the main places we toured on Saturday was the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA. I actually visited MoMA my first week in the city when admission is free on Fridays. But since that was also the end of my very first week at work, I was exhausted and looked at only 1 floor (photography, of course) and finished in less than an hour. This time, I was able to spend more time at the museum and saw 4 out of 5 floors. Don’t underestimate the amount of standing required!

supermarket moma art

Don’t be like me and take a photo in one of the “special exhibits” then have security zone in on you.

One of the more memorable exhibits was the one that had a bunch of naked body parts…a la Robert Heinecken. I heard about this guy in my photography class last semester and remembered his wacky, sexualized photo collage style when I saw this exhibit . But there was one installation that was interactive!

“TV/Time Environment” by Robert Heinecken

I could tell that people walking by were like…”wtf, why is she sitting in/ruining the display?!” But this sculptural installation invited guests to experience a “middle-class living room.” Very typical – except for the nude torso plastered over a live streaming TV, which encouraged viewers “to consider the sexualized nature of consumption in American culture” (MoMA). I’d say Heinecken achieved that goal.

people visitors moma

The people of MoMA.

Another interesting exhibition was one that explored architectural spaces, ranging from the realistic to fictional.

architecture moma

That background photo really, really reminds me of the Guggenheim.

moma architecture

“White Elephant (Privately Soft)” by Jimenez Lai

Urban Proposal Capsules

“Urban Proposal with Multiple Thin-Shelled Capsules” by Daniel Grataloup

Can you imagine buildings looking like that instead of the skyscrapers we have today?

After that, I revisted the photography floor. Once again, the same pieces stuck out to me:

Mannequins Valerie Belin

“Untitled from the series Mannequins” by Valerie Belin

She’s so striking.

colorful moma art

I love the bold colors!!

Mariah Robertson 30 moma

We found our reflection amusing in Mariah Robertson’s “30.”

I didn’t see this ink-on-paper on cotton sheets the first time I was here. The font is quite pleasing.

Matt Mullican moma

“Untitled (Learning From That Person’s Work: Room 1)” by Matt Mullican

coffee art

Yes. This piece of art belongs on my wall.

Finally, the pop art floor! As always, I enjoyed the variety of colors in pop art.

neon moma art Bruce Nauman

“Perfect Door/Perfect Odor/Perfect Rodo” by Bruce Nauman

wall rifle shot moma

“A wall pitted by a single air rifle shot” by Lawrence Weiner

Can you spot the irony? Turns out that all of Weiner’s sculptures is made of “language + the materials referred to. The work comes into existence at the moment he articulates an idea with words, a phrase that also becomes the title of the work.” With this kind of “art,” you either love it or hate it. I’m actually a fan…because it’s humorous and infuriating at the same time!

andy warhol campbells

A young viewer of Andy Warhol’s work.

jackson pollock one moma

“One: Number 31, 1950” by Jackson Pollock

As a last stop, we ventured into the sculpture garden.

sculpture moma

Help, I’m falling! Haha!


Definitely check out the MoMA store too if you go. It’s full of fun items and home decor (clocks!) that I wish I could afford. Have you ever visited MoMA? What were some of your favorite installations?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Want to read about some other quirky art museums? Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), Guggenheim


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